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What are you Hoping for?

Hope Christian Weight Loss

Can you spot the difference in attitude between two people who are asked why they want to lose weight? Person #1: ”Because I don’t want to be fat.” Person #2: ”Because I want to be a fit, healthy person.” I will share the difference and why it matters in a moment. Let me give you […]

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Unique Love Letters

Want a unique way to send a love letter to him or her? I got this idea from my husband recently and it is very clever! Best of all, you don’t have to be a great writer to do this. Here is where the idea came from: My husband Mike and I went to our […]

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”Honor and Discipline”

What words are resonating with you this morning? One morning as I was about to eat breakfast and exercise, 2 words keep echoing in my spirit: ”Honor” and ”Discipline.” Here is a little known fact about me: I almost joined the Navy. A Naval officer tried to recruit me when I was in nursing school, […]

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How Faith Saves You

I studied the story of the woman with the Alabaster box recently (Luke 7:36-50) and saw how her faith saved her. I love this story! In the story, you will see how your faith can save you in overcoming emotional eating and weight issues. First, let’s contrast how Simon saw the woman versus how Jesus […]

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A Simple Self-Discipline Tip

I don’t like cleaning the kitchen, but I love a clean kitchen. What is a person to do? The options I faced reminded me of an important key to self discipline.

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