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The Fat Storage Hormone (BEWARE)

fat storage hormone

Are your eating choices not only putting a lock on your fat cells, but resulting in more fat added to the store? If you are having problems releasing weight, then you must know about the likely culprit: Insulin. While God created the Insulin hormone to keep our blood sugars balanced, our modern diets tend to […]

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Lack Peace with your Eating?

Do you have peace with your eating? While it seems like a small question, it can have a big impact on your life! I once asked the question on my Take Back Your Temple page a while back: Sadly, the answer was an overwhelming ”No.” One reader described the issue eloquently: ”Kimberly, i need your […]

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Overcoming Food Addiction Devotional

Are you struggling with food addiction? Well, struggling is good! What? Before you think that I’ve lost my mind, I’ll explain what I mean in this food addiction devotional. Having suffered from food addiction for over 20 years, I can say that overcoming this issue is not as simple as ”just say no.” As a […]

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What Does the Bible Say about Eating Sugar?

When researching sugar addiction for an article, I discovered that many Christians are asking, ”What does the Bible say about eating sugar?” When you think about sugar, usually a picture of table sugar comes to mind. However, sugar in this form did not even exist in Biblical days, so the Bible doesn’t say anything about […]

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Is Sugar Addiction a Sin?

Many Christians want to know: ”Is sugar addiction a sin?” Having suffered from sugar addiction for over 20 years before the Lord set me free, let me share some insights from Biblical truths and my own experience. The Definition of Addiction Concerning the ”Is sugar addiction a sin?” question, the first thing to consider is: […]

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