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When Sugar Loses its Grip

My husband Mike and I are participating in a Citizens Police Academy that our county Sheriff’s department is sponsoring. At last night’s session, a cop made me an offer at the food table that I could refuse! It proved to me how God has grown me further in the ability to resist sugar temptations. He […]

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14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Do you have peace about your eating habits concerning sugar? If not, you are not alone!  Emotional eating often goes hand-in-hand with sugar addiction. The picture below shows the percentages of sugar sources in our diets today:  I understand sugar addiction well. There was a time when I could eat a whole Pepperidge Farm Coconut cake by myself!  […]

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Is it Really Food you Crave?

Recently, an article comment really made me think about the nature of our food cravings. Here was the article comment: ”Kimberly, i need your advice. my goal is to have a NORMAL relationship with food. i want to be able to have cookies or whatever in my house and them not consume my thoughts. i […]

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My Rookie Eating Mistake

Because I believe in transparency, let me tell you about my rookie eating mistake recently. My husband Mike and I participated in a group sporting event and afterwards, there was an awards banquet for the winners – nope, we didn’t win anything. So, I did good with my food selections but they had strawberry cheesecake […]

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Wisdom vs. Eating Self-control

I’ve heard the question often: ”How do I get more self-control with my eating?” I used to have a standard answer, but now I think differently. Now, I strive to learn more about the specific situation in which the person thinks they need more self-control. Most often, I discover they need WISDOM in that situation […]

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