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Overcoming Food Addiction Devotional

Are you struggling with food addiction? Well, struggling is good! What? Before you think that I’ve lost my mind, I’ll explain what I mean in this food addiction devotional. Having suffered from food addiction for over 20 years, I can say that overcoming this issue is not as simple as ”just say no.” As a […]

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What Does the Bible Say about Eating Sugar?

When researching sugar addiction for an article, I discovered that many Christians are asking, ”What does the Bible say about eating sugar?” When you think about sugar, usually a picture of table sugar comes to mind. However, sugar in this form did not even exist in Biblical days, so the Bible doesn’t say anything about […]

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Is Sugar Addiction a Sin?

Many Christians want to know: ”Is sugar addiction a sin?” Having suffered from sugar addiction for over 20 years before the Lord set me free, let me share some insights from Biblical truths and my own experience. The Definition of Addiction Concerning the ”Is sugar addiction a sin?” question, the first thing to consider is: […]

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Was the First Act of Disobedience Really about Food?

In the following article, guest author and Christian health coach Kiesha Easley examines the first act of disobedience in the Bible and its surprising relationship with our food addiction struggles today. Kiesha Easley is an educator, author and Christian health coach. She struggled with chronic fatigue and her weight for years. Finally, in 2017, she […]

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When Sugar Loses its Grip

My husband Mike and I are participating in a Citizens Police Academy that our county Sheriff’s department is sponsoring. At last night’s session, a cop made me an offer at the food table that I could refuse! It proved to me how God has grown me further in the ability to resist sugar temptations. He […]

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