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On the Go for God – A Poem

I received this cool poem by Cindy Evans that captures the  joy of movement. Have you considered what a blessing God has given you in the ability to move? Remember how good it felt to run, hop, skip, spin, roll, and dance when you were a kid? You can recapture that joy yourself now – […]

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“I Hate to Exercise!”

Have you said or thought “I hate to exercise”? It’s a common barrier to Christian weight loss and getting healthy. We all know exercise is good for you but few do it regularly. But I’ve got a reason for this and I’ll guarantee it is not what you think. Pretend for a second that someone […]

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Five Reasons You’re Not Dropping Pounds

Are you working on getting in shape but the scale isn’t moving as fast as you’d like? I’ve got a guest author today who is a personal trainer and he has some tips to share with you that can help. Clinton Walker of shares five reasons why you may not be dropping the pounds. […]

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Increase Metabolism Now – 5 Little Known Secrets

A few weeks ago, I went to the American College of Sports Medicine conference and attended a workshop called ‘The Great Burn: How to Maximize Your Metabolism.’ I’ve got some tips to share with you. But first, what is ‘metabolism’? Think of a running car engine. Just as a car burns a certain amount of […]

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Getting Faster Fitness Results

I don’t know anyone who, when attempting to lose weight and get healthy, doesn’t want to get results as fast as possible. While I can’t promise that you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days, I can say that if you use the following three quick tips, you can get faster and more lasting results. […]

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