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The Christian Way to Retreat

I felt led to meditate on the word “retreat” recently. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that many people, especially women, use food as a form of retreat from negative emotions or stress. Why? Because they have come to associate food with rest, refreshment and renewal. But this is an inferior way to retreat. And overeating eventually […]

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3 Ways to Rejoice in the Lord (Encouragement)

Are you dealing with emotional eating? This article shows 3 ways to lift emotional heaviness. It starts with learning how to rejoice in the Lord always.

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3 Ways to Lift the Spirit of Heaviness

You must lift weight off your spirit before you can release it off your body. When I weighed 240 pounds, I felt like if I had the world’s weight on my shoulders. It was like the mental weight I felt inside translated into physical weight on the outside. The spirit of heaviness was on me! […]

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Is Food your Hiding Place? (Comfort Scriptures)

Is food your hiding place? When emotional eating had me bound years ago, God revealed that food had become my hiding place. I ran to food whenever I experienced feelings in my heart that I didn’t want to feel. I used food to stuff down my frustration whenever I didn’t express my opinion for fear of others rejecting […]

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1 BREAKTHROUGH Tip to Overcome Emotional Eating

If you are struggling to overcome emotional eating, this 1 tip can change everything for you – if you take it to heart and practice it. You are going to learn what is happening in your brain when the temptation comes. A big clue on how to deal with this comes when you remember that “emotional […]

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