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The #1 Key to Self-Discipline

If you remember nothing else from this message, remember this: No plan, no discipline. A pastor once said that you need discipline for deliverance from actions that keep you in bondage. When he said “discipline,” I thought about “disciple”. A disciple is simply a “Learner”. Could your missing key to discipline be that you don’t […]

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The Secret Weapon to Overcoming Temptation

In the “Get Out of My Sight – Temptation!” article, you learned how I dealt with two food temptations recently. But just this morning, I rediscovered an even more powerful weapon to handle temptation.   This weapon is so important that Jesus himself commanded it.   It lines up with one of my favorite sayings […]

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Get Out of My Sight – Temptation!

With the holidays come great food temptations. How can you win? I’ll show you. I faced two temptations this week. Both start with the letter ‘P’: Pies and Party. And both temptations came from my husband, Mike. With the first one, Mike baked three delicious-looking sweet potato pies, leaving them out on the kitchen counter to cool. The […]

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Overcoming Weight Loss Sabotage

Have you ever found yourself doing well in your weight loss plan – only to find yourself sabotaging your success? Well, I recently experienced that issue personally! I created a video for you that explains how to recognize sabotage and what you can do to prevent it. Here are the scripture references mentioned in video: […]

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How to Conquer Fear

A few years ago, I had an interesting conversation about fear with Dr. Rita Hancock, the author of The Eden Diet. She mentioned that fear is tormenting many of her patients. I told her that I am seeing the same thing. The increase of fear is not a coincidence. Jesus warned that the love of […]

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