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Trusting God for Comfort – A Poem

This message below made me cry. It was intensely personal – and very courageous. Nicole actually wrote me many years ago in response to my “Women Food and God” book review. She wrote that it drew her to tears and the message that God wants to heal your pain really spoke to her. She said […]

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How to Defeat “Stinking Thinking”

When it comes to taking back your health, the biggest obstacle to overcome is what motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, calls “stinking thinking”. Those negative thoughts make you feel defeated, discouraged, and depressed – all those ‘d’ words! In fact, the word “devil” comes from the Greek word “diavolos” which means ‘slanderer’ or ‘accuser’. If you […]

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Women Food and God: My Review

Note: Below is my original review of Women Food and God. Since then, I have since taken a closer look at the book and recorded a video with my additional thoughts. You can listen to it at the end of this post. _____________ You may have heard of a new book called “Women Food and […]

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Healing Binge Eating Disorders “with” Food

I’ve written many times about overcoming binge eating disorders since that was my struggle for many years. Lately God has led me to look at the physical part of that issue more – from a “fight fire with fire” approach. Just the other day a question popped into my head: “Why do people eat?” My […]

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How to Overcome Emotional Storms

What I learned about “barometers” can be a great help to those who experience emotional storms often – overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, fear or any other negative emotion.

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