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Taking Control of Fear (Bible Study)

Take conttrol of fear

Has fear controlled your life? It is devastating how the enemy controls people through the things they fear – even Christians. Some of the ways that fear manifests itself include: Anxiety Addictions Procrastination Social anxiety controlled me for most of my high school years. I had such people fear that I could not look people […]

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An Appointed Time (Answered Prayer)

an appointed time

My husband Mike and I attended a prayer class at church recently based on the book, ‘‘Understanding the Power and Purpose of Prayer.” At one point, our instructor said that many people stop praying because they have been disappointed by unanswered prayer. When she said the word ”disappoint,” I heard the phrase ”appointed time” in […]

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Claim Your Inheritance Now

Did you know that you have a rich inheritance available to you? I am happy to tell you about it! See, my purpose with Take Back Your Temple is to help you ‘take back your health‘ so that you can experience the joy and freedom of abundant life in Christ – Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and […]

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Body Restoration Prayer

To change your life, you must change the way you look at things. The word of the Lord that is coming to me now is “Restoration.” The following is a prayer for restoration I wrote for you.

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Nobody’s Fool (April Fool’s Day Bible Study)

Today is April Fool’s Day, so I thought it would be interesting to study what the Bible says about fools. Being a fool is a question of identity; it begins with what a person thinks in his heart.  Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Psalm 14:1 gives us a glimpse […]

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