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“Don’t Let Satan Win.”

Don't Let Satan Win

You are in the fight of your life. You are in a fight for your life. And you are fighting not only for your life, but other peoples’ as well. Time is getting short. The world is getting darker. According to news reports, Christianity is declining in America. Many people are lost, especially young people. They don’t […]

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The Truth About Rejection

Leah’s husband did not love nor want her. Self-rejection or other people’s rejection can fool you into believing that you have no value apart from how you look, what you have, or how you perform. However, Leah’s story in the Bible (see Genesis 29:15 -35) can show you the truth about rejection and 3 ways to […]

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Food for Thought (Intriguing Picture)

Yesterday, I taught in our New Members class at church and gave them a visual quiz. I showed them 2 apples: one real and one fake. I asked them to tell me which apple was real. Can you tell from the picture below? It’s hard to see the difference, isn’t it? Although they both look […]

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Securing your Emotions

The Lord dropped this word into my spirit recently: “The Word of the Lord will remain standing long after your circumstances have passed. It will be here long after you have passed from this Earth. What will you put your trust in – your circumstances or the Word of the Lord?” You’ll remain standing with […]

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Ministering to a Hard Heart (Prayer)

  I attended a conference on healing and deliverance recently and one of the things I saw is how the enemy uses a person’s wounding and past hurts to persuade them to harden their hearts. Like a person who is injured physically and develops a scab at that place of hurt eventually, so the same […]

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