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Securing your Emotions

The Lord dropped this word into my spirit recently: “The Word of the Lord will remain standing long after your circumstances have passed. It will be here long after you have passed from this Earth. What will you put your trust in – your circumstances or the Word of the Lord?” You’ll remain standing with […]

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Ministering to a Hard Heart (Prayer)

I attended a conference on healing and deliverance a while back and one of the things I saw is how the enemy uses a person’s wounding and past hurts to persuade them to harden their hearts. Like a person who is injured physically and develops a scab at that place of hurt, so the same […]

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How to Forgive THEM (Bible Study)

At church recently, our pastor asked people who were struggling with forgiving someone to come down to the altar to receive prayer for releasing it. I was shocked when nearly half of our congregation went down! Mind you, the issue itself didn’t shock me (more about that later), but the number of people struggling with it […]

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Overcoming the Pain of the Moment

How do you do right when part of you wants to do wrong? Pain comes when you deny your flesh. Pain occurs when you’ve hurt someone or someone hurts you. Please pay close attention to the following story because it will lay the groundwork for dealing with what I call, “the pain of the moment.” Once […]

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The Spiritual Truth about Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies were calling me. Nothing is worse than feeling like your eating habits are driving you. That day, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies were in the driver’s seat. I was still at 240 pounds, but I had decided to change my eating habits. However, I had forgotten about my Girl Scout cookie order […]

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