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Words of Comfort During our Crisis

I taught our women’s GIFT Group at church on Sunday and a young woman in class said that recent events have left her anxious and confused – wondering what in the world is going on. It has been a challenging time for me to maintain my peace as well. It seems like the world is being shaken. […]

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The Scripture that Changed my Life

I said the prayer of salvation back in 1992, but my life did not change for 9 years. I simply thought of the prayer of Salvation as a means to an end. I thought, “Hallelujah, I’m not going to hell” and continued my same way of living! I did not know that accepting Jesus as your […]

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Are you Jesus’ Disciple? (Spiritual Growth)

I taught a class for new teachers at church recently called “Disciplemaking Teachers” (I’m Christian Education Director). Before someone joins our ministry, we want to be sure that they are Jesus’ disciple in their private lives. After all, things reproduce after their own kind, so only a disciple can create a disciple! What is a disciple? […]

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“Life is a Pop Quiz” (Bible Answers)

Do you remember the movie “Forest Gump”? In the movie, the simple-minded man says, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” But this morning, the Lord showed me a better analogy for life: Life is a pop quiz.” Do you remember pop quizzes from school – those […]

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The #1 Weapon of the Enemy Used Against You

A few nights ago, I was listening to a sermon in which the speaker said that pressure is the main weapon of the enemy used against believers. I wasn’t sure if I agreed with that, so I thought about it. Others have said that lies or deception are his main strategy, so I considered those […]

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