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Don’t Let Emotions Consume You

Do your emotions consume you, to the point that you try to eat them away? A nature documentary I saw recently horrified me because it reminded me of the danger of emotional eating. Watch the following clip. You won’t soon forget it. Spoiler alert: The baby iguana does escape…this time. Imagine yourself as the baby […]

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Emotional Eating’s Underlying Factors

 The other day, my husband Mike, who is also a certified Christian Life Coach, was writing a prayer to a man who asked for prayer for binge eating.   In Mike’s prayer, he asked that the Lord open the man’s eyes to the underlying factors behind his behavior.   Suddenly, a thought zoomed into Mike’s mind:  Underlying factors are Factors […]

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Worth More than Money

What is a gift worth more than money? Meaning is worth more than money. Jesus’ life had meaning. In the following drawing, you see the difference in a life lived without meaning (left) vs. one that is (right). The enemy would love to have your mind preoccupied with worldly distractions. In that way, you are […]

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Leading Yourself

Lead yourself

Author and Pastor John Maxwell has a quote that all leaders should heed: ”The first person you lead is you.” In a recent poll of our Take Back Your Temple member private group, I asked the following question:  ”What leadership roles do you fulfill in your life, leadership defined as ”influence”? Here were the top […]

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Your Body, But God’s Temple

A few years ago, my husband and I were riding to an appointment when we passed by an old country church in disrepair. When I looked at the dingy, white paint and the wooden boards barely hanging on, I felt sorry for the members. I reasoned that they must lack the money needed to fix […]

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