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It’s been a long time

What a busy last two months! I have started a new job and must admit that I have been pre-occupied with getting up to speed on that. It’s been great fun, though. I even participated in a dance event to celebrate Black History month at the office. That is something I never would have done […]

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Women of wisdom

Sunday night, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the ‘Women of Wisdom’ meeting at my church. We had a great turn-out and a Mistress of Ceremonies who is truly on fire for the Lord. She set the tone for the evening by playing the song, “I am Healed.” Then I spoke, giving […]

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Money and weight: Are they related?

One of the insights that I received in my weight loss struggle is that if someone has a severe weight problem, then that is usually not the only area that is out of control. Financial challenges or relationship drama are usually part of the picture. I was thinking about this because on yesterday, I went […]

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The Power of Words

Okay, I had to write about this one because it started my day off right! I usually take the train to work and this particular morning, it was bitterly cold. Being a Southern girl, I can’t say that I love cold weather. I have to park my car a good distance away from the station, […]

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What a day!

Today was a busy day for me. In the morning, I went to a local church for the ‘We Matter’ forum, which was sponsored by the Black Women’s Health Imperative. The goal of the forum was to educate women about vitamin D deficiency and its impact on healthy bones. I learned that having dark skin […]

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