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I just had to share this! I was driving home from work yesterday evening and happened to be behind a large flatbed truck on the Interstate. Printed on the back of the truck’s cab was the following phrase: God Oversees All Loads. Beneath that was the word Goal. It made me smile. How often had […]

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How badly do you want it?

I had two speaking engagements this week. I shared my testimony and discussed five tips taken from my new workbook Moneywise Weight Loss. Many people came up to me afterwards to say how my story had inspired them. Many also talked about their past dieting efforts and how frustrating the whole process was. I could […]

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My testimony (Cliffs Notes version)

I attended a seminar last week called ‘Tell it Like it Is’, which taught how to testify with impact. The instructor walked us through the process of creating a brief testimony and I thought I would share mine with you today: Where I was I was a Christian, but I wasn’t living in victory. I […]

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I’ve completed the 2006 Peachtree Road Race and am wearing the coveted T-shirt today. It was so much fun…definitely one of the highlights of my life! I was amazed at how well organized the whole event was, especially considering that over 55,000 people participated. I met a wonderful young lady at the event. She had […]

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Are you Hiding?

Note: I wrote this article back in 2006, the year I started the Take Back Your Temple blog. This was 2 years after starting my own weight loss journey. – Kim Recently, I was trying on a pair of pants and happened to notice a horizontal black line running along my side, just above my hip bone. For […]

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