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Weight Loss Scripture Day 1: Choose Life

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  • LouAnn says:

    Thank you for doing this, Kimberly! I look forward to reading each day’s scripture. I know that what we focus on becomes bigger. I want it to be Jesus and His Word! Every second of our waking day is an opportunity to make a good, righteous choice. May we be found faithful. Blessings on you and your ministry.

    • kimf says:

      Thank you so much, LouAnn! It is so true that we always have the opportunity to make better choices. I was just thinking about how I gained 100 pounds in the 20 years after high school, so that means I made about 569, 400 choices leading up to that. Really shows you how important small choices are!

  • Wendy says:

    Great choice for scripture #1! It’s a jumpstart and a reminder that we MUST take responsibility for our actions. Thanks so much & keep up the good work.

    • kimf says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Wendy! It’s not always easy to take responsibility for your actions but when you do, that is the best chance you have of living life with no regrets!

  • Cathy says:

    Thank you so much, Kimberly. I have your whole package, but when I bought it I guess I just wasn’t ready to start. God has been working and preparing my heart to want to obey Him. I got alot sicker (is that a word?).
    This very morning I got up knowing that if I wanted to live a healthy vibrant life I have to choose a healthier eating plan. This verse is my life line today. God is good to me.

    • kimf says:

      Hi Cathy, you are welcome! It’s great that you are starting. Now that you’ve had a heart change you can be confident that as long as you renew your mind daily, you will get results in due season. God continue to bless you on this journey. The results are well worth it!

  • Angie says:

    Great 1st day verse! Sunday at church the sermon was on worship. Our preacher made the statement, “Everyone worships something, but are you choosing to worship God or something else?” That’s when God spoke to me about my over eating. I have made food the central focus of my life & I obsess over it. When I’m sad I eat, when I’m angry I eat, when I’m celebrating with friends I eat, when life is too painful to deal with I eat. After have this realization, that’s when I made the decision to turn it over to Him. Thank you for providing me with the tools necessary to help me take small steps in the right direction.


    • Kim T says:

      Hi Angie – Your post made me smile because I have been where you are and I know it is possible to break the mental stronghold food has on you. I did it and so can you. I will keep you in prayer 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this! Me and 3 others are doing this together. What a blessing this is!

  • Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for this site! I have struggled with weight and weight-loss programs for so long. Something was always missing. I’ve even tried to do this with God, but I wasn’t sure how. Your site is a wealth of information and inspiration! I truly feel like I know how to turn this over to God now. I am starting at Day 1 and I feel His presence. Thank you so much. (((hugs)))

  • Erin says:

    Wow! Thank God for His Word that pierces right to my heart! Just the Scripture alone was eye-opening, yet very humbling. There are many areas in my life where I have been choosing the wrong thing…not just the area of losing weight. I had to repent, but I’m glad. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Shawna says:

    I didn’t see these verses! Glad I found them, this is even more encouragement! It is so awesome to know that you have been through this too, Kimberly, and that when you leaned on the Lord and believed that His Word had the power to meet every need, He proved Himself faithful to you! I am so excited to renew my mind in this area, it’s just what I am in need of! I am facing starting some medications, and have chosen to believe that God can teach me to do this medication free. Then He led me straight here! He is good, all the time! Praise the Lord!

  • Janice says:

    Kimberly, thank you for the scriptures! I CHOOSE LIFE!!!!

  • Dottie Rankin says:

    This verse is a beautiful reminder that God has set before us the choice of life or death. He wants us to chose life. God is our life. We must make these choices daily. I am humbled and amazed at what God is offering me. I thank you for staying obedient and choosing to make resources available to help a whole lot of us find strength, courage and hope as we strive to make the right choices. I CHOSE LIFE.

  • Patricia Joseph says:

    It’s July 14, 2018 and I made up my mind to choose Life! I now realized that I allowed “food” to become my god in replacement of the God who created me. I’ve leaned on it for dear life which caused my spiritual life with my Heavenly Father to drain. I thank you for this scripture because it opened my eyes

  • Cindy Black says:

    Hi Kimberly, I discovered TBYT many years ago. I even ordered the book. I read your emails and cry every time. I’ve started the book countless times and let my busy-ness get the better of me and always crash and burn, stuffing my mouth to numb my emotions. I just signed up for your online course, and I’m so excited to try again, and I’m looking forward to the support in the Facebook group. Thank you for these scriptures. THANK YOU for your ministry. God bless you!

  • Cris says:

    I’m sure it is the Lord that I found your site, blown away by this prayer. I want to join so badly, but I joined weightwatchers for 2 more months, I have to pay and I cannot afford both at this time. I will keep reading and hoping to join in October. I need the Spiritual support so much, I’m shocked I let myself balloon way over 200 lbs. God Bless you Kimberly Cris

  • Marta Imiolek says:

    wow! God is asking us to cling to Him. I thought of things I have been clinging to all my life for strenght, comfort and support. Image of baby monkey ripped away from his mother to give to animal smugglers came to me. And how just few days old monkey clings to new human owner instead of his mother. That need for comfort and security makes us cling to things that steal our joy and destroy life. Food obsession and addiction is one of them. The idea that I can leave it all behind and cling to God gives me hope.

  • vivi Lee says:

    On the first day, I made a good choice.

  • Lavina Blank says:

    Thank-you Kimberly for providing such a fresh drink of water to a weary traveler! I already feel like the decision to become a member of “Take back your temple” is going to be worth it!
    So much clear, to the point, short nuggets of truth a busy mom can implement.

  • Margaret Blaylock says:

    My first choice was to sign up for this program. The resources on this site is almost overwhelming…in a good way. Everything is in place for me to succeed. The rest is up to me. Thank you for everything that you have made available. God bless you!

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Hi Margaret – thanks for joining! There is an old saying, ”By the mile, its a trial but by the inch, it’s a cinch.” Take it one day at a time, one choice at a time. After all, life can only be lived one day a time. So each small change will add up. May the Lord continue to bless you!

  • Lisa Kirkwood says:

    Good Morning Kimberly, I just navigated myself around the website and am so so excited for all I am seeing. Thank you for doing all the work for us, thank you for pouring your knowledge and your faith out into us , thank you for your love for life and thank you for sharing your successful journey of weight loss and wholeness with us. Today I start AGAIN, a journey that has taken me to the greatest highs and the deepest lows….. ” taking back my temple”…!!!! only this time … victory IS mine and to God be the Glory!!! Sincerely grateful for you, Lisa…

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Praising God with you Lisa! All God asks is to walk with Him, one day at a time, one choice at a time. In Him, you have the victory!

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