Health & Healing

Eating the Right Amounts for Your Body

Lesson 9 Chapter 3

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  • Lucette Quarteron says:

    Dear Kim,
    Is there only a video about using the Apps ? Because I can see no video on eating less
    Thank you for your answer

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Hi Lucette – I’d like to learn more. The lesson is about eating the right amount for your body…which may or may not require eating less. In your case, do you feel you need to eat less? If so, what habit do you have that makes you think so?

      • Lucette Quarteron says:

        Hi Kim, thank you for your answer. I eat more than nécessaire. Habits: refilling my plate and then feeling bad. Size of my servings. Not stopping when it is enough

        • Kimberly Taylor says:

          Thanks for answering that, Lucette! So you have 3 habits that you want to work on:

          1. Going back for 2nd helpings
          2. Large portions sizes
          3. Overeating (eating past the point of physical satisfaction)

          The Bible says that it is foolish to provide answers when you don’t fully understand the problem (Proverbs 18:13). So more questions:

          * Out of these 3 habits, which is the #1 habit you practice the most every day?
          * If this habit were changed, how would your life change?
          * Do you believe you can change?

          Looking forward to your answers and joining you in prayer as we seek the Lord’s wisdom.

          • Lucette Quarteron says:

            Hello Kim, Thank you for your insighful answer
            My Number One habit is overeating.
            Changes in my Life if I can overcome it: Weight loss, happy with myself for listening the holy Spirit…
            Yes, i believe I can change. I just don’t know how to… as I Have tried and failed so many times.

          • Kimberly Taylor says:

            Hi Lucette – I appreciate your answers. Remember, you have Christ in you, the Hope of glory. As long as your hope is in Him for the power to change and not in your flesh, then your hope will never be misplaced.
            Let’s get into specifics. Recall the last time you overate. Please describe the situation:

            * What was the food that you overate?
            * Where was the location when this happened?
            * What was the general time when it happened (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking at night)
            * Was there someone else with you overeating also?

            The more specific you are about the habit, the better because then you will have clarity as what the next step to adjust would be to see change.

  • Pen