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The Protein Advantage for Fat Loss

Lesson 10 Chapter 3

A while back, I was in a long weight loss plateau that I couldn't seem to break. I was within 10 pounds of my ideal weight, was eating within my calorie budget, exercising, plus drinking my water. It seemed I was doing everything right.

However, the scale did not budge nor did my measurements.

Then I remembered some advice I had received years ago but had forgotten.

I had decided to sign-up for a DEXA scan to check my body composition - how much of my body weight was lean weight (bone, muscles, blood, skin and organs combined) versus how much was actually fat. 

When I got my numbers, they were pretty good but still room for improvement on the fat percentage side.

The technician, who was also a personal trainer, suggested I increase the amount of protein I was eating to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean weight since I was quite active, plus lifted weights.

I was to keep my calorie budget the same.

Increasing the protein amount could help ensure that any additional weight I lost would be fat and not muscle. Losing muscle automatically lowers your fat burning rate since each pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories per hour at rest while a pound of fat burns only 3 calories! 

According to my scan, I weighed 100 pounds in lean weight. So that meant eating 100 grams of protein per day.

Note: According to research, the average non-active woman only needs 46 grams of protein per day while the average non-active man needs 56 grams of protein per day.

Please consult your medical professional before increasing your protein especially if you have existing medical issues.​​

In the above video, I demonstrate how I track my protein in the LoseIt app, plus share the protein sources I eat.

That first week after increasing my protein, I broke the plateau and lost 4 pounds!

If you are considering this step, again please check with your medical professional especially if you have any medical issues. 

I would also suggest increasing your water intake if you increase your protein to help your body eliminate urea, which is a by-product of your body processing the protein.

Some Recent Meals

I like to keep things simple with my meals - a protein source (fish, chicken, turkey, beans), a moderate carbohydrate source (in light of my small sugar tank, such as corn, brown rice, sweet potato, and on rare occasions, mashed potatoes), and roughly half of my intake as vegetables.