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Healthy Weight Loss God's Way

4 Chapters 11 Lessons

About this course

The goal of this course is to show you the healthy lifestyle principles needed to lose weight and while keeping God first.

Course Structure

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Course Welcome 3 Lessons

Welcome to the Course

In this lesson, you'll learn the principles to keep in mind to maximize your benefits from the course.

Getting Ready to Change

This lesson help you assess your mindset about change and ensure it is set for success.

The 5 Core Habits of Weight Loss Success

In this lesson, you'll learn about 5 core habits I recommend you practice every day to lose weight and maintain your weight loss for good.

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Securing your Foundation 2 Lessons

Habit 1: Anchor yourself in God

In this lesson, you'll learn about connecting with your source, God and receive the wisdom, strength and endurance you need for the journey. 

Habit 2: Renew your Mind

This lesson covers how to renew your mind so that you can think like a weight loss success regarding healthy habits.

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Protecting your Health 4 Lessons

Habit 3: Invest in Slimming Foods that Satisfy

In this lesson, you'll discover how to create meals and snacks from real foods that help you slim down without hijacking your brain. 

Replacing Brain-hijacking Foods

Are there foods that you have problems exercising self-control when you eat them? If so, your brain is getting hijacked. Here is how to assess the issue in your life.

Eating the Right Amounts for Your Body

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use an app to help you ensure you are eating the right amount for your goals.

Habit 4: Slim, Stretch, and Strengthen your Body

This lessons reviews activities that can help your body burn fat more efficiently, give you more flexibility and increase mobility in your daily life.

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Remaining Steadfast 2 Lessons

Habit 5: Expect Tests and Be Prepared

Whenever you try to make a change in your life, you will be tested. Here are some common obstacles to weight loss and what to do about them.

Focus on Progress

In this final lesson, you'll learn the best ways to measure progress to stay encouraged on the journey.