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Small Step 8: Smart Lunch

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  • Andrea says:

    You know, this is a really good system that you have. Just when I was getting overwhelmed with this new way of life, you came up with day 15. This is just what I needed. A reminder that this is my life now and I am responsible for it. This gives me a lot of accountability. Now your plan becomes my plan. And ultimately God is in control, but I choose to wake up and stretch and drink water and take vitamins, those are my choices. I have to make this realistic for me. Thank you for day 15!

  • Becky Jane says:

    I agree with Andrea. Until I personalize this program it’s not mine…I don’t ‘own’ it so to say. I appreciate Day 15. I’m a post-it note girl, so I’m adding a DON’T GIVE UP note where I’ll see it often!

  • lois says:

    today is day 15 wow I can’t believe how well this is going I struggle with eating those cookies but Im doing well I lost 10 pds. just gave up soda and eating good breakfast and that mid morning snack really helps you with the hunger issues I don’t know about anyone else but i could not feel hunger or empty stomic today with the stretches and I jog I can feel the stomic and when I need to eat and when I need to stop eating putting the fork down is also a great tip thank you Lord for people who went through this and are teaching me!

  • I’m doing pretty good on the morning routine. I get up drink my water, do my stretches, take my vitamins, and make my protein drink. When it comes to the tea and morning snack, there are times I don’t feel like drinking or eating anything. I wasn’t able to do my strength training today due to my knees giving me problems. I think I am struggling more with portion control, not drinking sweet drinks, and the strength exercises. I think I will have to change the mid morning snack to eating when I am hungry for it.

  • Shawna says:

    So far, haven’t really found too much that needs adjusted. I carried around my big batch of green tea with lemon juice with me at work all day and sipped on it throughout the day when I had a chance. Believe it or not, I like my tea with a little cayenne pepper in it, if any one is adventurous! Snacks are a bit harder, but I’ll keep trying! I may have to go to the protein drinks for snacks at work. Heading into my work weekend, praying God keep revealing how I can make this work at home and at work. I was at work yesterday, and the Holy Spirit just kept encouraging me as I made choices! So much better than my conscience condemning me. I have to tell you, I was just encouraged when I didn’t gain ANY on my PMS week, but actually lost! Very few cravings, reduced PMS discomforts too… That’s a BIG deal!

  • Susan says:

    I am doing well with most things and working them into my lifestyle. I do some sort of stretching and weight training a few days a week, but not everyday. I am still working on mindful eating in the evening. I’m finding being tired still a big trigger. I know that prayer is the answer.

  • Cindy M says:

    I see everyone is losing pounds except me. I do the morning water, stretching, vitamins and supplements, some isometrics each day. I have cut down my butter love except to cook an egg. Not much budging. But I must consider that I am close to 66 and under extreme stress for the last year and a half. Patience, Hope, Faith. Thank you Lord for teaching me simple loving steps to a healthier mind, body and soul.

  • I have been doing pretty well with the daily routines…its amazing if I had a bad night of ignoring portion control…the morning glass of water seems to reign me back in to starting a fresh new day. The one thing I have not done yet is weigh myself. I feel better and feel stronger but I am afraid if I get on the scale and haven’t lost weight, I’m afraid I will be discouraged. I haven’t been exactly starving myself….but have incorporated each step and have walked 30 minutes 4-5 times a week….is the scale really that important??? Why do I get so easily discouraged or encouraged over my weight???

    • Kim T says:

      Hi Donna – About the scale…when I was working on my weight, I only weighed myself once every 2 weeks. More often and I found myself engaging in “scale worship” which is allowing the number on the scale to dictate how you feel about yourself. That’s why I recommend using how your clothes fit and body measurements to judge progress above the scale. As you know, a woman’s weight can vary so much during certain times of the month so the scale can be deceiving at times.

  • Kari E says:

    Just want to say thank you for this site. So lovely with a health site that using Gods goodness and word. I really enjoy eating mindfully and I feel thankfull to God for the food in a differen way.

  • Kirsty says:

    I haven’t lost any weight. Is that ok

  • Lynn Garside says:

    I just started reading the comments on this Step… as I’ve been writing out the steps in my journal. I must confess that I have been “scale worshipping” and I’ve asked my Heavenly Father to forgive me for that. I’ve lost about 11 lbs. since I’ve started 30 days ago, and I’m thankful for that… but I don’t want to put the scales or food over God. I put my scales away, put them up in my closet, and wrote on my calendar when I can weigh again.

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Hi Lynn – it is easy to get caught up in that, I know! So you are very wise to just focus on continuing the habits that are working for you. God bless you!

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