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Small Step 10: Smarter Evenings

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  • Hailey says:

    Hi Kim, I have a big of a problem.

    Every morning I wake up and drink at least two cups of coffee to help me wake up during the day. I’ve tried going without, but I can’t seem to have enough energy for work without my coffee. Do you have any suggestions on substitutes?

    • kimf says:

      Hi Hailey – Great question. I have heard that 1-2 cups of coffee a day are not harmful. The problem is if you are adding a lot of cream and sugar to it! Are you? That adds a lot of unnecessary calories. A gentleman at my church introduced me to Organo Gold coffee, which contains an herbal supplement called ‘ganoderma’ that has many health benefits. You might want to look it up on the Internet. I’ve recently became a distributor for the product myself and like the way it tastes and makes me feel. I use the Gourmet Latte’, which tastes great and has the cream and sweetener in it already plus it is only 90 calories per cup. You can learn at

      You can also try switching to green tea as well. It has less caffeine than the coffee and also has some metabolism boosting benefits. Try the step down method – perhaps alternate having coffee one day and tea the next. Or maybe having tea a couple of times a week instead of the coffee and see how that works for you.

  • Andrea says:

    I did this today accidentally. I just happen to get a lunch today and realized that I did it right. I will have to be aware of my lunches to make sure they are always balanced.

  • Becky Jane says:

    Using my hand as a measure will be very helpful. Thanks

  • I think I’m going to leave the starch alone. I eat raw vegetables. I have noticed you put cooked vegetables up there. Raw vegetables are healthier than cooked because they still have all the vitamins. It is important though to wash your vegetables real good because of all the chemicals, or buy organic. For me it would be a salad with greek Yogurt, or some black beans added. Maybe tuna added to the salad. I’m going to spice it up to. Spicy black bean salad. Sounds good.

  • Shawna says:

    So… this will be the step I am working on this weekend. I was familiar with a couple of these measures, but a few are new to me. Since I work weekends, I can’t always post those days, so I look ahead a bit. I breezed through a few, with God’s might! This step is a great place for me to concentrate my energies over the next three days! I often substitute that carb serving at lunch with another vegetable or a fruit with a low glycemic index, rather than bread, rice, or pasta. So my goal will be that if I am going to go for a higher GI item (bread, pasta) that my portion size is correct. Will be back on Monday, believing for a positive testimony of His power and transformation in my life!

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