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Small Step 5: Smart Shopping

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  • Andrea says:

    This one is great because I usually get hungry mid-morning. Even when I add protein to breakfast, I still end up with my tummy growling by 10-11am. I put a light yogurt in my lunch bag with a spoon and slowly enjoy it for a mid-morning snack.

  • vickie says:

    These baby steps are helping me greatly to start making habits that I know will help me to continue to lose weight.Like the game, “Mother may I”. I am saying “God may I” and He says YES!!!!!

  • Peggy says:

    I have added a fiber supplement as well as the fiber and protein snack because I have diverticulitis. I have noticed a difference in my mood and feel fuller.

  • Avery says:

    I enjoyed drinking the green tea yesterday. I never really liked green tea but the lemon juice makes it taste good to me. I’m doing well with all the steps except the mindful eating and portion control. I seem to always be rushing from one place to the other due to my job and when I’m not doing my job I feel anxious like I need to be doing something. I seem to gotten myself into a vicious cycle that does not allow me to slow down and really think about what I’m doing. I’m just doing and doing. How do I get off this cycle and be mindful. When I do take the time, I feel great!

    • Kim T says:

      Hi Avery, I want to respond to your question – I think on a subconscious level, many women feel guilty about taking time for themselves. Mindful eating is a way you can take care of yourself. If you need a way to stay focused and assured that you are getting the important things done so that you have time for yourself, then I recommend a free website called ‘Remember the Milk’ It never fails that when I use it, I get more done with less stress. Simply using a system in which you plan your tasks for the day helps your mind stay clear and I believe will have a domino effect in helping you be able to eat meals with feeling that you have to rush through them.

  • Becky Jane says:

    Got my 10 almonds laid out for mid-morning!

  • Shawna says:

    As I’ve said before, I look ahead a bit, because of my weird work schedule. Thought I might just have my snack with my green tea in a bit, seems an easy way to do that. So I’m assuming we’re shooting for 20 mins. for the snack as well?

    I also noted that we’ll be adding some mid-morning activity. Just wondering if anyone is doing this at a job? I’m trying to picture how I might get this in where I work. For one, I’m thinking about the activity, then the snack and tea, for the sake of digestion. Secondly, I’m thinking if I might be eating something small about every 3 hours, that might mean twice in a work day. Maybe not taking an official “lunch” to shovel in a large quantity of food, but to take 20 minutes to eat two fist-sized snack/meals at work. I am blessed to be able to take breaks whenever I need to, it just may mean me being at work longer, as I truly am just supposed to take 30 minutes. Two 20 minute breaks are 40 mins, and I can fit in a couple minutes of activity things throughout the day on the phone or at my desk. I will try a few of these things, and let you know what I find works.

    I have found that it helps me to hear an example of how someone has made something work effectively in their real life to make it possible for me to incorporate in mine. I know Kim probably has a super-busy life, and has made it work successfully, but how? I have read some of the comments and haven’t seen anyone mention this yet. I’ll update this post as I do this, and let you know how it fits in my work day.

  • Susan says:

    Mindful eating and portion control are going to be the ekys to success for me. I am encouraged by the daily reminders. My greatest challange continues to be night time eating. I read the article on the front page and realize it will require a change in habit. Stepping up to eating in the kitchen will help. That was a big downfall for me last night. Then being anxious about some family news sent me making tracks to the kitchen. I love this journey that is drawing me closer to the Lord. It is only in His strength and with my eyes kept on Him and His word that these changes are possible. I’m grateful for the posts and encouragement from this website. Anoter time I would simply give up after a night like last night, but today is new and I feel refreshed in His love and care. This website reminds me of who I am in Him.

  • Tara says:

    Do you eat a mid-morning snack even if not hungry? Having the protein breakfast and green tea mid-morning seems to satisfy me.

  • Cybil says:

    I have been on this journey long before I signed up for TBYT. It was in my thinking that once I read the affirmations, positive feedback, motivational words, tips from your personal testimonials and everything else this course offers I would find what I needed to be successful not only in weight loss but as a woman of God.
    What I quickly learned after my first week when I fell of the challenge was that I could give up and accept being a failure once again or I could start over. I have to be honest that failure thing was looking pretty good to me when I received an email from KT about how she to had weak moments in the start and instead of giving in she prayed.
    After 30 days I’m not close to my goal spiritually nor physically but with the support & information of TBYT I know I’m on my way. God bless:-)

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