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Trapped in a Negative Cycle?

trapped in a negative cycleDo you feel that you are trapped in a cycle that you can’t get out of?

I received a reader question on my public Facebook page about this very thing. She asked the question in response to reading my article, Your Body: God’s Dwelling Place.

Below is her question and my answer:

QUESTION: ”I read it, but the self image, food, diets, workout and viscous cycle never stops, it’s been a lifelong addiction, how can it stop and I truly find peace and healing.”

ANSWER: This is an EXCELLENT question! The first step is to examine your current identity. Not your image, which is how you see yourself or other people see you.

But your identity, which is your very core:

I have a question for you – are you in Christ? If you are, there is a possibility of rebirth as a new creation entirely, establishing a new identity on a solid foundation.

Old things have passed away. Old things become new – see 2 Corinthians 5:17.

If you are not sure and have questions about this, then I recommend this resource.

Once you change your identification, then begin growth process to renew your mind.  The basic fact is that you are a child of God and you beloved to Jesus – deeply loved, highly favored just as you are!

From that motivation, you begin to take care of yourself and see that you are worthy of love right where you are.

Your body becomes precious not because of how it looks, but whom it contains.

So you desire to make changes in how you care for yourself not out of fear or condemnation, but out of love.

The inward change begins to work itself outwardly. That is only how the changes will last.

If you are trapped in a cycle, then you also have mental programming that is powering that cycle.

We all have old scripts.

I love this quote by Pastor James MacDonald “Nothing is different until you think differently.”

Once you believe who you are and why you are here, then you recognize that the power within you is greater and can overcome anything outside of you!

The value of the Take Back Your Temple program is that you will learn how to think differently through Biblical truth. You’ll discover how to win the Spiritual and mental battle that often causes inconsistency and pull us  off-track on our weight loss journey.

Plus, you’ll join a community of like-minded Christians discovering how to release weight and keep it off.

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Be blessed with health, healing and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor, Creator of the Take Back Your Temple program