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Weight Loss Scripture Day 11: Eliminate Food Triggers

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  • Linda says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this! I was just about to eat 3 cookies and asked God to show me something that would stop me. I have been on this journey a long time and have lost 50 pounds and every day it takes God to help me to break through.

    It hit hard when you said “It is the anticipation a drug addict would probably have who was about to get a fix.” Wow! I don’t want to be under the power ANYTHING. The only one who has power over me is the Lord!

    • kimf says:

      You are welcome – I understand because I started this journey almost 8 years ago and it still takes God to help me through. But I am glad that I have God because as long as I have him, I have hope. And as I rely on him instead of myself, I have victory!

  • Linda Petersen says:

    I’m in this cycle I can totally relate I’ve sworn off sugar on,y to go back thinking this time I have it beat such a lie from pit of hell . I admit it’s a trigger food that only God alone can deliver me

    • Amen, Linda – the Lord can change your heart! From a practical standpoint, one thing you can do is limit your exposure to sugar, much like a person who is allergic to a substance will limit their exposure. My prayers are with you – you’ve got this with the Lord’s help!

  • Debra says:

    Yesterday my husband and I decided to start the 30 day challenge with no sugar, and this morning, day 1 I found this. God is confirming what I didn’t want to know. Sugar is my trigger too. Is God amazing or what? Please Pray I will become free from sugar, and all this excess weight.

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