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Weight Loss Scripture Day 2: Build Your House

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  • LouAnn says:

    It saddens me that for so long (and to some extent, even now) I have been trying to tear down my house (my body). It is very foolish, so why do it, especially once one realizes how foolish it is? That’s insane, which tells me that it’s the work of the wolf (the enemy), for “God has not given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”
    As a believer, my house is made of brick, but it’s up to me to not open the door to the wolf.

    • kimf says:

      Hi LouAnn, Great comment – and you are so right about the wolf (or roaring lion as the bible calls him in 1 Peter 5:8). But you know what? Jesus said that he has overcome the world and that means everything in the world, including the enemy! So rejoice that you are taking back your temple brick by brick. God will redeem your past and restore the years that the locust has eaten. I applaud you and look forward to hearing your testimony.

  • Kathy-Anne says:

    Hi there, thank you Kim for creating this site. It’s an oportunity for women all over the world to express their thougths about an issue – that next to the war in Iraq, does not garner this much attention. Babylon has created, packaged and distributed the transformational aspect of unhealthy eating as a physical exercise. It spends more money on teaching about exercise, taking the physical to the extreme – diet pills, gastric bypass, lipo etc. For us, in Christiadom, it’s ” be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” My body is incapable of doing anything my mind did not tell it to do.

    We put so much dang effort in sweat!! When really we’re working that part of our body that is not even isible to us – the mind. That place where the battle rages even while we are in Beddiebye Land. That’s why new mental stategies must be created to replace the old default patterns. E.g. one thing that I started doing was I created what I called my Fat Fund. (Yes really) Whenever I went anywhere and I wanted to buy something that was not on my list of healthy foods, I took the money out of my purse and placed it in the Fat Fund. At the end of the month, I had MONEY!!!! That really let me know how mindless I can be, whether it’s grocery shopping or eating out with friends, or just passing. That helped me a lot. Something as simple as not eating after 7:00 p.m, or deciding that your vehicle is NO EAT ZONE.

    These are simple mental strategies, NOT eating food wrapped in plastic (that was hard), NOT eating infront tele. Our lives are filled with default mechanisms.

    Heavenly Father, you are the lover of our souls. We know that each one of us is created perfect in your eyes, we know that with you, we are works of art, but because of your Son Jesus Christ we are masterpieces. As we go through this month of April with your handmaiden, Father I ask you to pour yourself into her and satisfy the desires of her heart. Let there be no darkness found in her and may she appear before you blameless. For all the women that log onto this site that does not know your love and mercy I ask you to draw them to you, let the gospel of Jesus Christ come into their hearts and into their lives. Let the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven invade their lives. For all of us that are struggling spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically with our weight, our health, Heavenly Father bless us with more of your grace, turn the ashes into beauty for your name sake. Let the heavens above us proclaim the magesty and the glory of our Lord. We are redeemed from every curse that we have uttered over our bodies, every curse that doctors have uttered, every curse that Bablylon has uttered, we are redeemed through the precious blood of your son. Give us the strength to build precept upon precept, let the word dwell richly in our hearts and take our eyes off of worthless things. We praise you and we give you thanks. Amen.

    • kimf says:

      Hi Kathy-Anne, what an incredible post! I receive your prayer and thank you for it. As Jesus promises in Matthew 18:19, since two of us agree on what we ask, then it will be done by our Father in heaven! Yes, transformation has to start from the inside with us since the inside, the heart, is what God cares about. I LOVE the idea of the Fat Fund. I suggested something similar in the MoneyWise Weight Loss book. In the book, I suggested using any money saved on fast food, junk food, or avoiding overeating as a donation to a hunger relief organization. In the bible, we are exhorted to share our bread with the hungry. It is an idea I am incorporating into the TBYT small group curriculum in the future.

      What’s great about your idea is it shows us how much of our health behavior is mindless. So much of our modern lifestyle supports eating fake food and moving as little as possible. It might be easier to live that way but it is disastrous when it comes to our health. Unfortunately, just as with spiritual matters, most people take the wide, destructive path that everyone else takes. Practicing good health habits is the narrow path, but on that path is the ability to live life with maximum energy and fulfillment. Aren’t you glad you found it? I know I am!

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