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And yet another challenge

I’m continuing on the biggest loser challenge at work and have lost 8 lbs. so far. As I previously mentioned, I am working out at the gym at work in the evenings. I have also added another challenge–I am now training for the Peachtree Road Race! Now, I must admit that I haven’t run anywhere for about 18 months. For starters, I had knee surgery early last year, which put a halt to my plans to continue running after I participated in a 2-mile fun run in October 2004.

But, I think I’m being smart with my approach–which is approaching this cautiously. I have posted a run/walk schedule on my refrigerator, which I obtained from the Atlanta Track Club Web site. Even on my run days (my first was Tuesday), I still walk in short intervals. I plan to increase my running periods until I can run the entire time I’m supposed to. So, I walk for the first 5 minutes and then start “mailbox running”. That is, the mailboxes in my subdivision are spaced in neat intervals. I walk from one mailbox to the next, then I run from that one to the next one, then I walk again between the mailboxes, then I run again. You get the picture. It’s fun and you won’t believe the looks I get from the neighbors!

I started my training in the evenings after work and it is so relaxing to get outside and breath in the fresh air. I also see other health-minded neighbors out walking or running or even riding bikes. It’s a beautiful thing to see!