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Trashing God’s Property?

Recently, I was researching a nutritional article when I came across this photo of a garbage bag on a plate. The author was saying that many people complain of weight gain, low energy, mood swings, and other negative symptoms. However, their diets consist of nutritional garbage! That gets your attention, doesn’t it? Imagine this: Suppose […]

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A Woman with Issues (Bible Study)

Say this with me: “I got issues. You got issues. All God’s children got issues!” A few years back, I went to my first football game live and it reminded me of one of my favorite Bible stories about a woman with issues. But more about that in a moment. Now, I’m not a football fan and barely […]

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How to Interrupt Overeating

  Have you ever driven to work – and then arrived with no memory of the drive? It doesn’t have to be just driving to work, but anything you do out of habit. The Lord brought the ‘driving to work’ example to show me that the same experience of driving to work unconsciously is the […]

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Negative Thinking Rescue: 40 Day Challenge

40 days from now, you can be delivered from negative thinking, feel more secure in your identity, and be less vulnerable to negative emotions, like anxiety

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When it HURTS to Say ‘No’

Several years ago, I taught a Take Back Your Temple small group class and a common theme emerged: Many of the ladies had problems saying ‘No’. Because they were so busy saying ‘Yes’ to everyone, they didn’t have much time left to take care of themselves. So food became the one way they allowed themselves […]

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