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The Fat Storage Hormone (BEWARE)

fat storage hormone

Are your eating choices not only putting a lock on your fat cells, but resulting in more fat added to the store? If you are having problems releasing weight, then you must know about the likely culprit: Insulin. While God created the Insulin hormone to keep our blood sugars balanced, our modern diets tend to […]

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Lack Peace with your Eating?

Do you have peace with your eating? While it seems like a small question, it can have a big impact on your life! I once asked the question on my Take Back Your Temple page a while back: Sadly, the answer was an overwhelming ”No.” One reader described the issue eloquently: ”Kimberly, i need your […]

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Escaping the ”Bermuda Triangle of Stress”

According to legend, the ”Bermuda Triangle” sunk many ships. But a triangle on your body can sink your health goals too! Learn to escape stress in this area God’s way.

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What Defines You? (Overcomer Movie)

My husband Mike and I went to see the “Overcomer” movie recently, a good movie that asks an important question: What do you allow to define you? Another word for ”define” is ”shape.” When the question was asked in the movie, I immediately answered within, ‘‘I am a child of the Most High God.” It […]

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You Did Not ”Blow it”

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve heard someone describe an incident in which they didn’t eat according to plan as ”I’ve blown it.” Ugh – I hate that phrase now. Why? Because it’s a phrase I used on myself back in the day. Now I recognize it as a time bomb designed to sabotage. […]

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