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“Be Strong and Do the Work”

Have you ever faced a challenge and wondered if you could do it? Recently, I received wisdom on facing challenges from the words spoken to King Solomon before he prepared to build God’s temple (see 1 Chronicles, Chapters 28-29). I’ll tell you about these words in a moment. Right now, I’m facing a challenge that […]

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Claim Your Inheritance Now

Did you know that you have a rich inheritance available to you? I am happy to tell you about it! See, my purpose with Take Back Your Temple is to help you ‘take back your health‘ so that you can experience the joy and freedom of abundant life in Christ – Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and […]

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My Rookie Eating Mistake

Because I believe in transparency, let me tell you about my rookie eating mistake recently. My husband Mike and I participated in a group sporting event and afterwards, there was an awards banquet for the winners – nope, we didn’t win anything. So, I did good with my food selections but they had strawberry cheesecake […]

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Faith for the Finish

Faith for the finish

I woke up with 5 words on my mind recently: ”The finish line is Jesus” Consider the trials you are facing right now. You may have: Conflict on your job Challenge in your finances Struggles with your weight and/or emotional eating It’s tempting to let doubt and anxiety overwhelm you: ”Will things ever change?” And […]

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Body Restoration Prayer

To change your life, you must change the way you look at things. The word of the Lord that is coming to me now is “Restoration.” The following is a prayer for restoration I wrote for you.

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