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Outsmarting Thanksgiving Overeating

Anxious about staying on track with your Thanksgiving meal? Here are a few tips that you can add to your game plan to stay on track with your Christian weight loss goals. Above all, stay focused on the holiday’s purpose. It’s not about eating, but reflecting on what you have and being grateful for it. […]

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Is Food Your God?

Is Food your God

Is food occupying your mind where God should be? It was a hard question I had to ask myself when I struggled with emotional eating. “Food is not the fix for everything” was the lesson I had to learn. You see, if I was mad, I ate; if I was sad, I ate; if I […]

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1 Trick to End Impulsive Eating

When it comes to overcoming overeating, remember this simple equation: Impulse + Opportunity = Overeating Consider a common situation when people often grab food for impulsive eating: the snack items near the cash register at the grocery store. Grocery store marketers called these ”impulse items.” These sneaky marketers realize that you’ll likely grab one without thinking […]

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How to Get Back on Track

So this weekend, my sister got married. Yippee! We had a wonderful time at the wedding. However, I got off track with my eating that day and needed to get back on track. When I get off-track, I like to implement an African proverb: ‘Don’t look where you fell; look where you slipped.” Proverbs 4:25-26 […]

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Pizza for Breakfast

So this morning I ate pizza for breakfast. It wasn’t even a healthy breakfast pizza. It was pizza with pepperoni and sausage. No vegetables. What? How is that even possible for a health-minded person? Well, I’ll tell you. See, I believe you can eat any food you want. In this case, my husband Mike and […]

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