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Trashing God’s Property?

Food Garbage

Recently, I was researching a nutritional article when I came across this photo of a garbage bag on a plate. The author was saying that many people complain of weight gain, low energy, mood swings, and other negative symptoms. However, the foods they eat regularly consists of nutritional garbage! That gets your attention, doesn’t it? […]

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My Problem with Overeaters Anonymous

Sleepy Eater

“How we see ourselves determines how we treat ourselves.” – Kimberly Taylor One practice Overeaters Anonymous (OA) promotes highlights a problem I have with the 12-step program. Why am I writing about OA? I’ve received emails from readers asking me what I think about it. Many years ago, I participated in Overeaters Anonymous for a […]

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Is Drinking a Sin? (A Biblical Perspective)

Many Christians are asking, “Is drinking a sin?” It is a controversial question, which is why it is important to gain a Biblical perspective, plus seek Holy Spirit guidance. Related article: Does God Forgive All Sins? While drunkenness is a sin, the Bible does not declare that drinking itself is a sin. This article examines […]

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My Overcoming Night Eating Struggle

my overcoming night eating struggle

Do you know how you can be on a good path and then “something” happens to take you off that path? You wonder, “How did this happen?” Yeah, I was in that place recently! Here is what happened: I shared with our Take Back Your Temple program members that the hardest hours for me to […]

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Is Sugar Addiction Hijacking your Brain?

Have you ever felt that sugar addiction is hijacking your brain? A Take Back Your Temple program member wrote the following about this issue in her life: “I have been on both sides, where I have eaten whatever I want, and of course it gives that temporary happiness. But then afterward, I am miserable. And […]

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