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My Overcoming Night Eating Struggle

my overcoming night eating struggle

Do you know how you can be on a good path and then “something” happens to take you off that path? You wonder, “How did this happen?” Yeah, I was in that place recently! Here is what happened: I shared with our Take Back Your Temple program members that the hardest hours for me to […]

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Is Sugar Addiction Hijacking your Brain?

Have you ever felt that sugar addiction is hijacking your brain? A Take Back Your Temple program member wrote the following about this issue in her life: “I have been on both sides, where I have eaten whatever I want, and of course it gives that temporary happiness. But then afterward, I am miserable. And […]

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When Food is Love

When Food is Love

When I was child, I associated sweets with comfort. Back then I thought subconsciously, “Food is love.” My mother was a single mom. She worked a lot to take care of my younger sister and me. Before she would leave us with the sitter, she always gave me money so that I could go to our […]

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What Eve Believed (Eve Bible Story Warning)

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This devotion gives wisdom about how to handle food temptations from the Eve Bible story. She was the first woman tempted with food, but not the last.

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Sugar: An Emotional Pain Killer?


Once I was driving home after a long day at a Ministry Leadership conference. Although I’d had a wonderful time, I was tired and wired at the same time. Have you ever felt that way? Suddenly, thoughts of getting a sweet muffin from our neighborhood coffee shop flashed into my mind. I imagined using the sweet […]

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