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My Rookie Eating Mistake

Because I believe in transparency, let me tell you about my rookie eating mistake recently. My husband Mike and I participated in a group sporting event and afterwards, there was an awards banquet for the winners – nope, we didn’t win anything. So, I did good with my food selections but they had strawberry cheesecake […]

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Wisdom vs. Eating Self-control

I’ve heard the question often: ”How do I get more self-control with my eating?” I used to have a standard answer, but now I think differently. Now, I strive to learn more about the specific situation in which the person thinks they need more self-control. Most often, I discover they need WISDOM in that situation […]

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1 Tip to Make Life Easier

Self-control with eating is hard sometimes, isn’t it? Not only must you handle outward circumstances, but conflicts inside of yourself! Here is an eating conflict I faced the other day. I opened the refrigerator and saw a jar of peanut butter. Before I even thought about it, I grabbed the jar and opened it, intending […]

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God’s Appetite Suppressant

Are you suffering from an out-of-control appetite? You’re about to learn about a Biblically-based appetite suppressant! While I was familiar with the following scripture, God revealed something in it that I’ve never seen before. The scripture is Proverbs 23:1-3: “When you sit down to eat with a ruler, Consider carefully what is before you; And […]

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Is Hidden Anger Driving you to Overeat?

In the following article, guest author and Christian health coach Kiesha Easley shares how she discovered hidden anger was driving her to overeat and the steps she took to cope with anger God’s way. Kiesha Easley is an educator, author and Christian health coach. She struggled with chronic fatigue and her weight for years. Finally, […]

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