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Emotional Attachments to Food

Daughter Clinging To Working Mother's Leg

Many people use food to meet some emotional need in their lives. So if you ever find it hard to remove a particular food from your diet, then it is probably because of emotional attachment. Your change likely won’t last long if you don’t identify and address food-related emotional attachments. Otherwise, separation anxiety will have you running back to that food. Here […]

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My Problem with Diets


“What do you think about Weight Watchers?” I received that same question twice via email on the very day I posted the “My Problem with Overeaters Anonymous” article. When I saw the question, I thought “Uh, uh – do I really want to get on my soapbox about traditional diets?” Before I give my answer to […]

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Ministering to a Hard Heart (Prayer)


Many years ago, I attended a conference on healing and deliverance and one of the things I saw is how the enemy uses a person’s past hurts to persuade them to harden their hearts. The minister who spoke on the subject called people with hard hearts, “Tough cookies.” We will cover the following in this […]

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Gluttony: How to Be Set Free


I read a sobering article a few weeks ago that stated gluttony, or excessive eating, is the most accepted sin in the Christian community.  And it is one of the focus areas of a Christian weight loss approach. If excessive eating is a challenge for you, I’ve got a picture that can change your life. […]

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