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Walk ‘n Grab (Walking for Weight Loss)

A young lady in our neighborhood had a positive idea recently that can help keep your neighborhood safe and clean, plus may even help you drop a few pounds walking. She gave away some reach grabbers and mini waste bags to those neighbors who wanted them, which I did. I walk regularly anyway, but now […]

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3 Ways to Stress Less

Did you know that stress can have a serious impact on your weight loss results? It’s true. When you are under chronic stress, your body releases a hormone called Cortisol that ultimately causes you to store more fat. Here’s how it works: Cortisol helps your body mobilize energy in case you need to fight or […]

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The Best Weight Loss Success Tip EVER

If I had only one piece of advice for weight loss success to give, it would be this.

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“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

If you are asking the question ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ then you may have an underlying attitude that is sabotaging your efforts.

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Things to Do Besides Eating

Do people eat too much because eating is the only way they give their bodies a ‘voice’? Here is a list of other things to do besides eating.

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