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“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

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If you are asking the question ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ then you may have an underlying attitude that is sabotaging your efforts.

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Things to Do Besides Eating

the Happiness Secret

Do people eat too much because eating is the only way they give their bodies a ‘voice’? Here is a list of other things to do besides eating.

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“Wellness is a DAILY choice…”

“Wellness is a daily choice…” echoed in my Spirit this morning after reading a wonderful testimony from a man who chose to get well.

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Healthy Parents Lead Healthy Families

This special guest article by Jeremy Whitworth of Renew Camps gives you three ways you can instill healthy habits in your kids and enable them to become everything God calls them to be. Related Articles 7 Rules of Christian Health | Making Christian Weight Loss Easier | 3 Ways to Stress Less | On the Go for God _____________________________________________________ […]

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Whatever you DESIRE (Lessons from Golf)

I am learning to play golf and don’t play well right now. I want to learn because Mike has played for about 12 years and it’s something that we can do together as a couple for fun. But I have to admit that there are times when I want to give up. My body doesn’t […]

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