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Christian Weight Loss: When Enough is Enough

Christian Weight Loss

“Enough!” is an important word if you want to make permanent changes in your life, especially with Christian weight loss.

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A Good News Prayer

A psychologist once studied people who suffered from depression and other neurotic disorders – and he discovered they all had one thing in common. Can you guess what it was? They were all fault finders. They focused on the worst within themselves, in other people, and in their life situation. But people of faith are called to […]

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The Trap that Kills Weight Loss Progress

Many times, I got caught in a trap that led me to lose focus and halt my weight loss progress. See if you are caught in this trap and learn how to get free.

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Do you Have Spiritual Caller ID?

caller id2

I love Caller ID. It’s great to see who is calling in advance so you can decide whether you want to take the call or not. Just as you use Caller ID in the natural to screen phone calls, so  you should use “Spiritual Caller ID” to screen your thoughts. In the natural, some calls are […]

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Quit Telling Yourself ‘Stinking Stories’

Bad Smell

The way you experience life emotionally is based upon the story you tell yourself about life events primarily. This can count even more than the event itself! For example, let’s say that you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed. That is a true event. But then the story you tell yourself is that you […]

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