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Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

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If you ever find yourself becoming weak in faith, this article gives you 3 things to check to ensure you are fighting the good fight of faith effectively.

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Bible Encouragement for Weight Loss Discouragement

biblical encouragement

On your weight loss plan, have you ever gotten on the scale and found that you haven’t lost anything or even gained weight? Bible encouragement can help.

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Overcoming a Negative Body Image

Kim and Halle Berry

Many of us compare ourselves to a Hollywood actor or model and then beat ourselves up because we don’t look like that. But its time to flip that script.

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Prayer to Settle All Doubt

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Whenever you start to doubt God’s Word on this Earth, then lift your thoughts up to Heaven.

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How to Overcome Trials and Tribulations

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If you are going through trouble right now, this article will show you how to overcome trials and tribulations – from someone who has been there.

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