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Bible Encouragement for Self Esteem

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Do you love yourself? God Himself expects you to! Bible encouragement for self esteem is found within Mark 12:31.

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“Wellness is a DAILY choice…”

“Wellness is a daily choice…” echoed in my Spirit this morning after reading a wonderful testimony from a man who chose to get well.

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How to Release Mental Weight

Mental weights are those things that “weigh” on your mind, most often things that you are worried about, procrastinating on, or just thinking “I really need to do that” in general. I believe that mental weight contributes to physical weight.

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Weekly Morning Cheer-up: You are an Overcomer!

Here is the final good reason to cheer up this week. If you missed the first 3 reasons, here they are: Cheer-up #1, Cheer-up #2, and Cheer-up #3. We are concluding this series about those times when Jesus told someone to be of “good cheer” in the Bible and the reason He said they could be. Here […]

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3 Ways to Manage your Anger

Yesterday, I got upset. No, I got angry. The kind of anger where you throw up your hands and storm away from the person who ticked you off. Many people feel guilty about feeling angry. However, it is a God-given emotion. It occurs when you feel that someone has wronged you. Ephesians 4:26-27 gives you […]

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