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How to Overcome Emotional Storms

woman walking rain

What I learned about “barometers” can be a great help to those who experience emotional storms often – overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, fear or any other negative emotion.

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How Faith Saves You

Depositphotos 31950193 l 2015 Woman Praise

I studied the story of the woman with the Alabaster box recently (Luke 7:36-50) and saw how her faith saved her. I love this story! In the story, you will see how your faith can save you in overcoming emotional eating and weight issues. First, let’s contrast how Simon saw the woman versus how Jesus […]

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Escaping the ”Bermuda Triangle of Stress”

Bermuda Triangle of Stress

According to legend, the ”Bermuda Triangle” sunk many ships. But a triangle on your body can sink your health goals too! Learn to escape stress in this area God’s way.

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Is Food Your God?

Is Food your God

Is food occupying your mind where God should be? It was a hard question I had to ask myself when I struggled with emotional eating. “Food is not the fix for everything” was the lesson I had to learn. You see, if I was mad, I ate; if I was sad, I ate; if I […]

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How to Interrupt Overeating

Interrupt Overeating

Have you ever driven to work – and then arrived with no memory of the drive? It doesn’t have to be just driving to work, but anything you do out of habit. The Lord brought the ‘driving to work’ example to show me that the same experience of driving to work unconsciously is the same […]

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