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Escaping the ”Bermuda Triangle of Stress”

According to legend, the ”Bermuda Triangle” sunk many ships. But a triangle on your body can sink your health goals too! Learn to escape stress in this area God’s way.

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Is Food Your God?

Is Food your God

Is food occupying your mind where God should be? It was a hard question I had to ask myself when I struggled with emotional eating. “Food is not the fix for everything” was the lesson I had to learn. You see, if I was mad, I ate; if I was sad, I ate; if I […]

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How to Interrupt Overeating

  Have you ever driven to work – and then arrived with no memory of the drive? It doesn’t have to be just driving to work, but anything you do out of habit. The Lord brought the ‘driving to work’ example to show me that the same experience of driving to work unconsciously is the […]

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Lord, Deliver Me from Me (Prayer)

Destructive habits. Fear. Pride. Selfishness. Self-pity. Feeling like a victim. I have struggled with all of that and get sick of it. When I feel that way, I just want to cry out, “Lord, deliver me from me!” Here is a recent example. I was meditating on Psalm 131 in which King David says that his […]

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Making Straight Paths for your Feet

One of my favorite binge foods was Pepperidge Farm coconut cake. I could eat the whole cake by myself – and often did. The funny thing was, I never intended to eat the whole cake when I brought one home! I’d tell myself, “This is just a little treat for myself.” I’d get one slice […]

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