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The Scripture that Changed my Life

I said the prayer of salvation back in 1992, but my life did not change for 9 years. I believed the prayer of Salvation was a means to an end. I thought, “Hallelujah, I’m not going to hell” and continued living the same old way! I did not know that accepting Jesus as my Savior is […]

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Are Christians Becoming Spiritually Hard of Hearing?

Okay, confession time: I have some hearing loss in my left ear. While a hearing test detected that I had difficulty distinguishing between certain sounds, the doctor said that it wasn’t enough to warrant a hearing aid. Still, the loss is frustrating at times. When Mike is speaking to me from a distance, I will […]

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What is your God View?


What is your God view? What roles do you see Him fulfilling in your life? Your God view determines: Your world view How you see yourself How you make daily decisions If you struggle with emotional eating, a key question to ask yourself is: Do you see God as safe to run to during emotional upsets? […]

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Overcoming the Spirit of Fear (Bible Study)

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Has fear controlled your life? It is devastating how the enemy controls people through what they fear – even some Christians. Some of the ways that fear manifests itself include: Anxiety Addictions Procrastination Let’s take a closer look at the danger of a fearful spirit through the story of Job. We will cover: Job and […]

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Getting Your House in Order

Stop for a moment and take a look around your house, your desk, or in your purse. Is it neat, clean, and uncluttered? Or are things dirty and in disarray? Time to get your house in order! There is a saying that goes “a peaceful house equals a peaceful mind.” I think the reverse is […]

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