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An Appointed Time (Answered Prayer)

an appointed time

My husband Mike and I attended a prayer class at church recently based on the book, ‘‘Understanding the Power and Purpose of Prayer.” At one point, our instructor said that many people stop praying because they have been disappointed by unanswered prayer. When she said the word ”disappoint,” I heard the phrase ”appointed time” in […]

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Body Restoration Prayer

church 1

To change your life, you must change the way you look at things. The word of the Lord that is coming to me now is “Restoration.” The following is a prayer for restoration I wrote for you.

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A Prayer for the TBYT Family

Good morning TBYT Family, As I was preparing to turn in last night, God placed it on my heart to pray for the TBYT Family.  Although the prayer below may read as a general prayer, it is far from that as each and everyone of you are covered in Jesus name. Mike Taylor *********************************************************** Heavenly Father, […]

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Freedom Prayer

One of my husband Mike’s favorite television shows is “Pawn Stars,” which focuses on three generations of men who work in a Pawn shop – grandfather, son, and grandson. The son owns the pawn shop. The owner’s son has a best friend who is also an employee at the shop. Reflecting on these relationships gave […]

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Weight Loss Prayer for Discouraging Thoughts


If you are struggling with sabotaging beliefs that oppose weight loss, you are not alone. Here is a weight loss prayer to help.

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