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Smart Steps to Weight Loss Tips: Start Here

Stress Less

Do you want to lose weight and get healthy, but don’t know where to start? This is where you start! This series contains 10 tips that will help you take a ‘smart step’ approach to healthy weight loss. Taking small steps toward your goal will fill you with energy and confidence. Best of all, it uses […]

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Small Step 1: Smart Focus

Welcome to Step 1! Before we start your first small step to weight loss, do me a favor: 1. Go stand in front of a mirror. 2. Hug yourself, focusing on praising the Lord for His power at work within you.  3. Say out loud, “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully […]

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Small Step 2: Smart Discipline

Welcome to Small Step 2 of the weight loss small steps! I want you to imagine something: Imagine a world of trains running without a track. The trains would never get to a specific destination. Worse, they would cause damage to people and property. A lack of discipline is like a train running without a track. Many people […]

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Small Step 3: Smart Breakfast

Welcome to Step 3. It’s time to start eating breakfast! What – you aren’t eating breakfast? Many people say that they aren’t hungry at breakfast. However, the usual reason is because they are eating too much at night. Then, they go to sleep on all those unused calories. A recipe for fat storage and weight gain! I […]

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Small Step 4: Smart Portions

Welcome to Step 4. Did you know that we are compelled to finish whatever amount of food is set before us? So if you are setting large portions before yourself, then it is useless to expect yourself not to finish it all. The good news is that you can stop most overeating before it starts simply by […]

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