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Taking Control of Fear (Bible Study)

Take conttrol of fear

Has fear controlled your life? It is devastating how the enemy controls people through the things they fear – even Christians. Some of the ways that fear manifests itself include: Anxiety Addictions Procrastination Social anxiety controlled me for most of my high school years. I had such people fear that I could not look people […]

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Prayer to Overcome Food Addiction

Having once struggled with food addiction, specifically sugar addiction, prayer was one of my key strategies to overcome. I needed Supernatural help because my flesh did not want to do the right thing. Trying to rely upon my flesh to resist food weaknesses was as futile as expecting a fox to guard the hen house! […]

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When you Feel Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt overwhelmed – like too much to do, but too little time? I know the feeling. I felt that way recently. After my husband Mike and I returned home from an errand, I was just tired. I intended to catch-up with some church projects but I didn’t. Instead, I just procrastinated and […]

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What’s your Story?

”Each of us is living out a story.” I said those words to an old friend I had breakfast with this morning. I hadn’t seen her in a while, but about 14 years ago, after I’d lost the majority of my excess weight, she decided that she wanted to lose weight too. So she went […]

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Are you REALLY Hungry? (Hunger vs. Appetite)

When you want to eat, can you discern if the desire is coming from hunger or appetite? It’s a common issue, especially in our culture of food abundance! While having enough food to eat is a blessing, it requires a higher level of discernment in your eating habits. Why? Many cues exist that ”feed” our […]

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