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What Defines You? (Overcomer Movie)

My husband Mike and I went to see the “Overcomer” movie recently, a good movie that asks an important question: What do you allow to define you? Another word for ”define” is ”shape.” When the question was asked in the movie, I immediately answered within, ‘‘I am a child of the Most High God.” It […]

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You Did Not ”Blow it”

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve heard someone describe an incident in which they didn’t eat according to plan as ”I’ve blown it.” Ugh – I hate that phrase now. Why? Because it’s a phrase I used on myself back in the day. Now I recognize it as a time bomb designed to sabotage. […]

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The Wake Up and Live Challenge

Some of you who might be asking yourself about life, ”Is this all there is?”   Unfortunately, the answer is ”Yes” unless you change it.   Learn 3 mindset shifts to make for drastic improvement in your life from my video and message text below.   I know it will inspire you! I was thinking […]

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Scripture to Help with Cravings

Scriptures to help with cravings

Did you know that God’s people struggled with food cravings in the Bible? It’s true. As the Lord led them to freedom in the Promised Land, the Israelites’ craved the food they ate back in their slavery days! What is a craving? Craving means, “A strong wanting of what promises enjoyment or pleasure.” Pause and […]

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Taking Control of Fear (Bible Study)

Take conttrol of fear

Has fear controlled your life? It is devastating how the enemy controls people through the things they fear – even Christians. Some of the ways that fear manifests itself include: Anxiety Addictions Procrastination Social anxiety controlled me for most of my high school years. I had such people fear that I could not look people […]

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