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Ministering to a Broken Heart (Prayer)

Fixing the Broken

Have you ever felt as if something is broken in your life – either something within you or something in your circumstances? Often, we run to destructive habits, like emotional eating, as a reaction to brokenness. That negative habit promises to soothe us. And perhaps it does soothe us for a little while – making […]

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Ministering to a Hard Heart (Prayer)


Many years ago, I attended a conference on healing and deliverance and one of the things I saw is how the enemy uses a person’s past hurts to persuade them to harden their hearts. The minister who spoke on the subject called people with hard hearts, “Tough cookies.“ Like a person who is injured physically […]

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Be Strong in the Lord (3 Ways)

little pigs

The story of the 3 Little Pigs can teach you how to be strong in the Lord. Sound crazy? You can decide after you read it. Many of you remember this children’s story. The big, bad wolf was hungry for a pork sandwich and he knew where the 3 little pigs lived. He went to […]

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Jean Nidetch Death: What her Legacy Means to Me

how to lose body fat

You may not know the lady, but you surely know her legacy: Jean Nidetch, the founder of Weight Watchers, has died at the age of 91. In learning about her death, I found some surprises in reading about her life. We had many things in common. Like me, her purpose was born out of her pain. […]

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Weight Loss Pitfall #6: Night Eating

Stop Binge Eating Night Eating

The Pitfall: When I did traditional dieting, I did “good” all day but then night came. All of my good intentions would go out of the window. I’d find myself going to the kitchen to graze for food, even though I wasn’t hungry. The Way Out: I realized that I was just eating out of habit and […]

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