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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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Creating a Environment to Grow

Recently I read a story that applies to my wellness philosophy. In the book, ‘You Were Born Rich’ the author says that you can look at an ordinary acorn and have no idea what the acorn is destined to become. But take that acorn, bury it in fertile soil, water it, nurture it and it becomes a mighty oak. However, if that same acorn is placed in stony ground or one that lacks adequate nutrients, then the acorn will not reach its full potential.

Everything the acorn needs to be successful is encoded within it. All it needs is an environment that allows it to flourish. It is the same for human beings.

But we have one fantastic advantage over acorns. We get to choose how our environments affect us. We can use our environment to help us grow or we can use it as an excuse to shrivel. We can even change environments or create our own environments to further our growth if we want to.

In the wellness arena, what type of environment are you creating for yourself? Are you providing yourself with opportunities to eat energizing, nourishing, and healing foods? Opportunities to move your body creatively? If so, then you are becoming as strong and healthy as you were destined to be!

My prayer for you today is that you may GROW in health splendidly and become all that you were designed to be.