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Take Back Your Temple | Christian Weight Loss
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Divine Healing: Prayer of Repentance


Cindy-Otto-Koch_nPREFACE: This is the third message in the ‘Divine Healing’ series. I have written over 45 messages that were inspired by Andrew Murray’s ‘Divine Healing’ book. These writings were due to my own illness, injury, rejection and life issues. God spoke to me in my brokenness and this is my journey.

Cindy Otto-Koch



Today’s Healing Prayer



Oh Lord, I am guilty of looking to my medicine for comfort, but I need Your forgiveness and help for those times that my focus is in an inappropriate proportion. I ask that You bless my medication to do what it is intended to do and protect my body from any side effects. In Jesus name. Thank You, Father!

Lord I lay all of me on Your altar and as I lay here in silence on Your altar I ask that if I have anything that is not confessed that You bring it to my awareness so as I may renounce it and repent, then walk forth in strengthened faith and peace. I give myself to You in total abandonment trusting and knowing that You know what is best for me at all times.

Empower me with the continued desire and ability to take every thought captive and align it with what You say Lord as I walk forth in my healing.

Abba, line my lips with Words of healing to myself and others. I confess that I know that I know that You are of Your powerful Word and by His stripes I am healed. Amen and thank You Jesus!