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Don’t Block Your Blessing

I belong to a women’s home Bible study group and a recent discussion was from Mark 6.

I wondered: What lessons about supernatural provision could I learn that would apply to emotional eating and weight loss?

I asked the Lord about it in prayer. Later on that day, He answered me.

If you are believing God for a health blessing on your weight loss journey, here are 4 things to check to ensure that you don’t block your blessing.

1. Are you acknowledging God as your source?

When we got to the story of how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes (Mark 6:30-44), intrigue gripped me.

Are you relying on God to supply wisdom and strength daily to do the right thing?

Or are you relying on your own willpower?

If the latter, you are looking in the wrong place. Willpower runs out eventually and your flesh gets weary.

But God’s strength never runs out!

2 Corinthians 4:7 says,

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”

It is frustrating and discouraging when we focus on our own weaknesses, limitations, and shortcomings.

That is focus on the clay outside, the flesh.

However, it is encouraging and strengthening when we set our hearts on God’s strength, wisdom, and sufficiency daily.

We are thankful for the POWER at work inside us. We focus on the treasure within.

That is why it is wise for you to start each day in prayer.

We humbly ask God for His wisdom to make wise choices and the strength to carry them out that day.

Try speaking this confession: ”Lord, I thank You for the good work that You have started in me and Your power at work in me.”

Say it again. God is committed to His work within you.

He never gives up on you. Never give up on yourself.

Focus on God’s good work in you.

2. Are you blessing the transformation process or cursing it?

Many years ago, I watched a reality show called ‘Bulging Brides,’ which featured women working to get in shape for their weddings.

The show supplied each of them with a fitness trainer and a nutritionist to help.

However, instead of embracing the process to change their bodies every day, the women complained about it constantly.

  • They complained about the food the nutritionist asked them to eat.
  • They complained about the exercise the fitness trainer asked them to do.

These women were cursing their efforts!

While they did lose weight in time for their weddings, their curses would likely make them gain it back afterward.

Why? Because the same eating and exercise pattern that helped them lose weight would be similar to what they needed to maintain it!

So why curse it?

Don’t do what they did.

Speak words of encouragement to yourself every time you eat healthily and exercise.

Remind yourself that every small step you take in the right direction is making a difference.

Recognize that it will take time to re-wire your brain to think differently.

Know that blessing your daily effort will not only help you get the results you want but ensure you keep them.

3. Do you have doubtful habits that need breaking?

Consider the warning in James 4:17:

“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

If you are maintaining a thought pattern or habit that you know is not good, then that is a doubtful habit.

To run your race in the Lord well, doubtful habits must be broken.

Why? Because they cost too much to keep them. They cost you peace and freedom.

The first place to break the doubtful habit is in your heart.

As long as your heart believes that you need that habit to get you through the day, it will remain.

You need a new belief.

Ask God to change your heart as you renounce your connection to the doubtful habit.

Express your desire to keep it out of your life in obedience to Him.

He will show you the provision you have made for the doubtful habit, how to remove that provision, and how to move forward without the habit.

But understand that every change comes with a period of adjustment.

Be willing to go through that period of adjustment as you learn a better way to get through the day.

You will learn to walk in faith and enjoy each day more as you leave doubtful habits behind!

4. Is your transformation in service to Kingdom business?

While looking good is nice, I believe God will bless your weight loss efforts when your primary reason is about kingdom business.

Here are some examples of kingdom reasons to lose weight:

  • Being a good example for your family
  • An energetic mate for your spouse
  • Serving as a positive role model for a struggling friend
  • Having vitality to use your Spiritual gifts to benefit the body of Christ
  • Being able to go where the Lord sends you without excess weight standing in the way

Use 12-year old Jesus’ words as your guide. Luke 2:49 records them:

And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”

Think about how you are moving through your day now:

  • Do you conduct your daily affairs with kingdom business in mind?
  • Or are you instead focused on worldly matters, entertainment or habits that indulge your flesh?

If the latter, then it’s time to shift priorities.

In the end, what matters most in life are the things relevant to your Father’s business.

If you look at your weight loss effort as a means to help yourself better conduct kingdom business, you will add a whole other dimension to it.

To receive the fullness of God’s blessing on your weight loss journey, ensure that you apply the previous 4 principles.

Not only will you find the process easier, but more enjoyable!

  • Karen Jennings says:

    Thank you, Kim! This is such a blessing! I am convicted and encouraged at the same time. God’s Word is correcting and transforming. God bless you and have a nice holiday.

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Thanks for that feedback, Karen – you don’t want to miss any blessing that the Lord has for you. So go get it, Sister!

  • sarah says:

    Great insights and very helpful to me especially point

  • Kylie says:

    Love this Kimberly! Another blessing blocker God showed me, was complaining about how I looked while over weight. I wasn’t loving myself. He loves me even if I were 400 pounds. I need to love me now.

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Indeed, Kylie – you are fearfully (awesomely) and wonderfully made. Let that truth be your motivator for taking care of yourself. May the Lord bless you on this journey. You have a Father who thought you were worth creating and a Savior who thought you were worth dying for!

  • Latonia says:

    I have gone to counseling for years about my weight. I have read so many self-help books. I have joined OA. I have tried numerous diets. I have learned one things over the 36 years of struggling with morbid obesity, it really is an inside job. Your ministry assignment is awe-inspiring and I appreciate every single email and blog. Keep doing what you are doing. I am healing emotionally and physically, and your emails are encouraging on my journey to wellness. God’s speed!

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      The Lord has begun a good work in you and will complete it until the day of Jesus, Latonia – I am praising Him for your healing!

  • Shana G says:

    This is such a good lesson!! Love it!

  • Ade’jah says:

    You are such a blessing to the body of Christ. I’m in. My early 20’s and having been battling with yo-yo weight since high school. Every time I fall done God uses your Newsletter or one of your YouTube videos to encourage. This time I really want different results and to keep weight off. I can’t conquer a demon if I can’t conquer a cookie (Joyce Meyer) thank you for all that you do!
    Much Love!

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Thank you, Ade’jah – through God’s grace, we can overcome everything that life throws out us. May the Lord continue to bless you on this wellness journey. It is worth taking!

  • Gloria says:

    This is a powerful and beautiful message. I have gotten off track but this is exactly what I needed this morning, thank you so much for blessing me with this.

  • Grace says:

    Wow! Thank you Kim, I’ve learnt a whole new lesson on weight loss plus am blessed with the scripture prescribed!

  • Katie Major says:

    Thank you Kimberly I do appreciate your time and efforts with your message with weight loss. I have been struggling with my weight for years. I loose it I regain it I exercise I eat right so I’m telling myself but the 5 pounds I loose it comes back I loose it comes back k I pray and yet here I am still struggling I have been on your site I have purchased your books I work out u attend yoga me and my girlfriend works out twice a week I attend my gym at work at least 4 out of 5 days additionally outside of the twice day. If you could shed some light on my case I would be thankful.

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Hi Katie – Thanks for writing! You said that you are struggling with 5 pounds? Did you lose more weight than that and you are on the last 5 pounds? Congratulations! Thank the Lord that He has brought you this far.

      You mentioned your exercise habits but did not mention your eating habits. To me, eating habits are the biggest habit factor in weight loss or gain. Five pounds is a small amount in my view and you could be losing and gaining water weight – which we women can do quite easily due to hormonal shifts in our bodies. Are you looking at other factors about whether you are at a healthy size – such as measurements or how your clothes fit?

      Here are 2 articles I recommend.

      3 Hidden Reasons you Gain Weight:

      Beware of Scale Worship:

      The latter article is about other signs of health improvement besides what the scale says to stay encouraged. God bless you!

  • Nancy Anne says:

    Such a blessing to read this today! Thank you!

  • Kim says:

    Kim you are a champion !!
    Thank you for all your encouraging emails- my lifestyle is slowly shifting!!!
    Your selfless desire to help others is truly a lifeline!!!
    The Lord Bless you!!!

  • Tim Charles says:

    Thanks for this devotional today. I needed this more than you could ever know.

  • Brenda Lovett says:

    so helpful!

  • Shana G says:

    Kimberly – This is a great message! So much “meat” packed into one daily blog! Thank you for continuing to serve us such great teaching in the call of your ministry. You are a blessing and a motivation to me!

  • Angela says:

    Hi Kim. As I read the part about losing the weight for service to Kingdom business I was very encouraged. But then…because I am quiet, to myself, and have never smiled much, I fear when I’m at a normal weight people see me as stuck up and unapproachable. In my mind, with the extra weight, at least I’m seen as a person with low self-image who people tend to feel sorry for. I guess I’d rather be pitied than judged as conceited, proud and arrogant. Am I alone in this thought?

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Hi Angela – I understand! I used to fear that if I lost weight, I’d become like Alexis Carrington, the villain in the old TV show Dynasty! That did not happen. However, God did show me how I was unbalanced in other ways. Check out this article and see if it resonates with you:

      • Angela says:

        Thank you for the suggestion to read that article. In it you wrote: “And you know what? I discovered that you can stand up for yourself without being nasty about it!” You suggested it on Friday. I wished I’d read it then. The next morning, God allowed two woman from church to be totally disrespectful to me and embarrassed me in front of a group of people. I was unable to respond to them in the moment. But I am going to now and with as much love as I can leaning on Jesus. Thanks for your articles and support.

  • Denise Varga says:

    Great teaching! !

  • Sharon Franks says:

    Really enjoyed this it’s going to help not only with my weight but with my smoking I know I can do it with God’s help THANK YOU AND yours

  • Lily Ann says:

    Sweet Kim. Another article where you have nailed it for a home run. Thank you to speaking into us. You’re our blessing and we love you!

  • Sonya says:

    Sister Taylor. Thank you for sharing your powerful message. I have been a member for some time but have not yet begun to apply the strategies. However I am still playful and believe that the seed you have planted will sprout! Blessings to you for your ministry. Thank you.

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      You are welcome, Sonya! Ask the Lord in prayer 1 small step you can take today to move in the right direction. He will show you. Take that small step because it will give you a block to build on. God bless you!

  • Pam says:

    Thank God for this it was definitely right on time. Kimberly please keep this important information coming. I need prayer on this journey.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Dee says:

    Thank You so much for this message.
    I woke up this morning and asked God to give me a word to help me stay focused on my weight loss journey.

  • Betty says:

    Out of all the post I have read, thus far this is the best. It speaks volumes as to what is happening in my life. I no longer view losing weight as a struggle for me, but more so a transitional lifetime achievement. When Jesus hung on the cross he did it to remove the struggle, however, I must put in the work to maintain the purpose. As you mentioned losing weight is not for self-glorification, but rather, a priority for Kingdom building. Thank you for blessing me with daily literature of “food for the soul.”

  • Vanessa says:

    Good morning

    Enjoyed thus lesson today. I just heard Kenneth Copeland speak on something similar to break habits. Like most people I have that sugar addiction. It is a mountain that I am tackling now to remove it. Thsee 4 principles are great things to meditate on and dig into.

  • Felicia says:

    What a great revelant word. I never thought to ask God to break my thought pattern by breaking it in my heart. Continue to be blessed and share the gift that God has given you Kim!

  • Mellody says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been struggling with the same 50-60 lbs for years, it’s been a true roller coaster. When I review of each time I got off track I can point to one of these 4 principles–mostly #1 and #4. As I restart my journey today, my prayer is to make God my source and strength and to see this journey as something bigger than just me!

  • Glad to give the confirmation, Juanita – all praise to our Father!

  • Lekasia Richard says:

    I been struggling with sugar craving i just can’t shake it off Prayer Please

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