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Escaping the “I Don’t Care…” Trap

Have you ever told yourself, “I don’t care” about your health when you really do care?

It is a subtle way the enemy tries to trap you!

I will explain what I mean shortly. You will also learn a 7-word revelation that can help you escape the “I don’t care” trap.

Take Good CARE

A TBYT reader wrote me on Facebook recently about her desire to serve on a missions trip. However, negative habits were threatening her health and her dream.

In my encouragement back to her, I ended my message with “take good CARE.”

The Spirit led me to type the word “CARE” in uppercase letters. I wasn’t sure why at first, but came to understand it during my exercise session later that morning.

Consider that the word “care” has 2 powerful meanings:

  1. What matters to you
  2. What you tend to

One meaning of “care” naturally flows into the other.

Because my health matters to me, I exercise regularly to tend to my health.

Because I care, I care.

Does that make sense?

What Do you CARE About?

I had breakfast with a friend recently and was explaining my revelation about the word “care.” She nodded in agreement and summarized: “You care for what you care about.”

Wow (thanks Mia)! Speak this truth out loud and let it sink in: “You care for what you care about.”

The enemy tries to deceive you into thinking “I don’t care” or “I’ll think about it tomorrow” to minimize the importance of your health, relationships, and finances.

He knows that if you don’t care, you won’t care!

The Bible says:

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”

– Proverbs 4:23

Your heart speaks to your desires, what you care about. What you care about shows up each day in how you invest:

  • Your time
  • Your talent
  • Your treasure

Your investments confirm what you care about in truth, not just what you say!

So if you say you care about it, then how are you caring for it ?

What Do you CARE FOR Each Day?

Take a moment to consider your daily actions. What are you caring FOR (tending to)?

Ensure that you are not making the following mistakes:

Remember: “You care for what you care about.”

My prayer is that you put this principle into action each day and experience the blessings of 3 John 1:2:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

  • Robin says:

    Especially good word. Thankyou

  • Carol says:

    This has spoken volumes to me today! You care for what you care about! I need to put some thought into this……

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Glad to hear that, Carol – take some time to write down what you value in life and review that regularly. The more you review and meditate on what you value, the more it will impact the choices that you make. That is how you grow to care for what you care about!

  • Karrah says:

    Wow! So simple yet so powerful. Thank you for speaking truth in a way that resonates. 🙂

  • Davinia says:

    Wow, thank you for this! I do care and should care because God cares. In Luke 12 he shows us how he cares for the ravens abs flowers, how much more I am worth to him! Thank you Father, it’s all about Jesus!

  • Kennifer Coleman says:

    This is great Kim! When I read it all I could imagine was a plant. You care for your plant by nourishing it with soil, sun, water and fertilizer to provide growth and life. If you don’t take care of it, it will wilt and die. We find time to care for what we care about! Our bodies are no different. As a mom and wife I spend a great deal of time taking care of my family because I care about them, often neglecting myself. I have to change that!

    • Kimberly Taylor says:

      Exactly, Kennifer – great example. I had thought about using a picture of a plant in the article too because it is a universal principle. You care for what you care about!

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