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TBYT Support Group – Guidelines

Exclusively for those who have enrolled in the Take Back Your Temple Program, our private support group gives members fellowship and accountability.

Click Below to watch the 2-minute Welcome video:

Group Privacy

This is a Secret group, so the group-related posts on your Wall Page/News Feed are only visible to group members; others won’t see them.  Learn more about Facebook Secret Group Privacy here: http://www.facebook.com/help/privacy/groups

Changing Notification Settings

To change your notification settings for the group (if you don’t want to receive email notifications when information is posted), click the Notifications button at the top right of the group page. You can turn notifications on or off from the drop-down menu.

Terms of Use

Because our goal is to have a loving, supportive community, any feedback to another member that is insulting or disrespectful will be deleted – and you will be removed from the group. This group is intended for questions, show and tell, and information sharing ONLY.

Posting of links to helpful blog posts and free information sources is appropriate.

Posting anything sales-related or promotional, i.e “buy my stuff” messages, will be deleted. Affiliate links, links to paid products, services, fan pages, etc, will be deleted.

Typically, you will receive a private message if you post a message that violates the terms after the message is deleted. However, repeated postings of such material is grounds for group removal.