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How to Handle Weight Loss Impatience

Do you ever struggle with weight loss impatience? I know the feeling!

But the following short story and Biblical principle may help.

A mature lady in her 60s decided that she wanted to become a doctor. She told a friend of hers about her intention.

But instead of support, the friend scoffed and said, “Are you crazy? How long is that going to take…8, 10 years? Why, you’ll be in your 70s by then!”

 The lady looked at her friend and replied gently, “Time is going to pass anyway. I choose how I want time to pass. I am choosing to pass the time working on my dream. And if God should grant me to live into my 70s, I will get there and I will have my medical degree!”

 To bring this story back to weight loss, let’s say that you decide to lose 50 pounds. You thought it would take 6 months, but 6 months have passed already and you are disappointed that you’ve “only” lost 25 pounds.

 What do you do with your time after that?

  • Choice #1: Go back to your old habits. Since they made you gain the excess weight to begin with, you’ll regain the 25 pounds you lost and probably more on top of that. As someone once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting different results.”


  • Choice #2: Say to yourself “I guess this is going to take longer than I thought,” and celebrate the 25 pounds you did lose. Then recommit to giving the process the time it needs to finish. You decide to keep working on your dream, confident that one day you will have your better body.

Just like the lady in the story, realize that time is going to pass anyway.

You choose how you want your time to pass.

Choice #2 implements a Biblical principle:

“…that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12).”

Did you get that? It takes two things to inherit God’s promises: Faith and patience. Many people have faith, but don’t exercise patience. So they abort the change process because they get impatient and quit.

But here is the sad part: A few months later, they catch a glimpse of a fuller face in the mirror, see a new roll of fat on their body, or have problems getting into an old outfit.

They get depressed and to make themselves feel better, they start a new diet. But it doesn’t last either. The newness wears off after about 10 days.

Impatience rears its ugly head again. Soon afterwards, they quit again. It is like night following day!

That is a losing cycle. To get out of it, you must get the following reality into your heart. Repeat this statement out loud:

“Impatience leads to quitting. Quitting increases my chances to 100% that I will never reach my dream. My life and dreams matter. Quitting is not an option. I will add patience to my faith each day. With faith and patience, I will obtain God’s promises.”

Think about this principle another way: A farmer plants corn seeds because he wants a cornfield. But suppose the farmer goes back to look at the garden he planted, but the plot of ground looks exactly the way he left it. The farmer says to himself, “This is taking too long!

The farmer proceeds to dig up the seeds he planted.

He moves to another plot of ground, planting more corn seeds. But again, after a week, the same thing happens. The garden plot looks the same on the surface.

So he digs that one up too.

If the farmer kept repeating this pattern with new plots of ground and seeds, wouldn’t you say that he has a short-sighted outlook?

Wouldn’t you advise him to stop moving about and just work his plot of ground faithfully, watering and taking care of the seeds he’s planted until the harvest comes?

That farmer failed to understand the process of time is built right in the middle of seed and harvest. God designed it that way and there is no way around it:

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease (Genesis 8:22).”

Time is a very powerful factor.

So spend your time working on your dream, even if you do something small to move you in the right direction.

Praise God during the process, cultivating a thankful heart. Praise gives you strength and it will help you grow in patience.

Remember, you can’t get God’s promises without patience. So add patience to your faith and keep praising during the process. With time, you will obtain God’s promises!

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2).” 

Be blessed in health, healing, and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor

Author of the Take Back Your Temple program

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  • Julie D says:

    Thanks for your awesome post. I’ve missed my goal of losing 30lbs by June and infact gain back 5lbs of the 17 I did lose from poor choices and discouragement. I needed encouragement this morning and you gave it to me thru God’s word and great advice!

    • You are welcome, Julie – this is a day by day process. I learned on this journey that you have to encourage yourself EACH day to do the right thing. Otherwise we forget all too easily the work we put in to obtain success. I am so glad that you are on the right path again. Praise God you kept off those 13 pounds and take back the others – one day at a time.

  • Sue says:

    Cancer set me way back cause it was the exercise that was helping me to release some weight. In another week I will be able to do whatever i want, God willing. Thank you for keeping me connected emotionally and mentally to this program. I don’t need to be a rabbit to release weight, just move my body the best I can with bad knees and a bad hip. Weight is coming off but very slowly. Progress is good.

  • Paula says:

    Hi Kimberly. …this is a SUPER AWESOME POST!!!! I know you are right about having patience & faith……however, I must admit I have pretty much given up. KIM I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXHAUSTED with this weight battle. Last time ive.lost.weight I lost a total of 93 lbs.!! HOWEVER, I’VE GAINED BACK approx. 50 lbs….! I feel so stuck….I’m approaching 50 yrs old in November and I just knew I would’ve been on program by now, instead I’m steadily gaining and just can’t seem to get it together. Thanks for this post I’m going to read it daily.

    • Thanks Paula – I am glad that you are going to keep reading this. Praise God that you have kept off 43 pounds! Re-commit to take back the rest, one day at a time. Sometimes when it comes to these things, we can be like a kid going to Disneyworld – “Are we there yet?” But know that you are going to get to “Disneyworld” soon enough. Life is short, so it is best not to save your joy until you get there, but enjoy the entire trip! May God bless you.

  • Wilma says:

    Thank you, once again I realise I can’t do anything without my Maker my King…

  • Pauline says:

    God bless you Kimberly. You are such an encouragement, and the truth of God’s word is sharper than any double edge sword. I really needed that encouragement today, as I have been climbing what seems like a never ending slippery slope, constantly stumbling and sliding back down. The set-backs often rob me of any weight loss I have previously made, and it is so hard to start over again. I know I need to change my mind set (Romans 12), but it is doing it every day!
    I will look out for your devotional every day to keep on track! Thank you.

  • Melva says:

    You a truly a blessing. Thanks for the encouraging words,scriptures, and positive motivation

  • Songa says:

    Praise God for the encouraging words!! I must keep in mind that the weight did not come overnight, and continue doing what God gives me to do.

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