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How to Be Blessed in the Valley

I just read about the wackiest battle on record and I think it has much to teach us about how to be victorious in tough times.

The story was described in 2 Chronicles 20. This was the one in which King Jehoshaphat (LOVE to say that name – its funny) and the people of Judah were being ganged up on by the Moabites, Ammonites, and the people from Mount Seir.

After King Jehoshaphat prayed for God’s guidance, the prophet told King Jehoshaphat to go to the valley where the enemies were waiting, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. The people of Judah went to battle without physical weapons, but they had powerful spiritual ones: They went out to battle singing and praising God.

And God confused the enemy so that their enemies turned and killed each other.

Afterwards, the people of Judah just gathered up the spoil and there was so much that they couldn’t even carry it all. They rejoiced and named the place of their victory ‘The Valley of Berechah‘ which according to my bible means ‘The Valley of Blessing’.

Are you going through the valley in terms of your health or finances? Feeling brought low by the problems in your life? With the right attitude in the Valley, you can position yourself to be blessed…just like King Jehoshaphat did.

Jehoshaphat did seven things to deal with his impossible situation:

1. He prayed and sought the Lord about his situation.
2. He humbled Himself by admitting that he didn’t know what to do – but he expressed confidence that God did.
3. He waited and listened for God’s instructions.
4. He praised God when those instructions were received.
5. He did what God told him to do, watched, and waited for God’s salvation.
6. He praised God again while he was in position, watching, and waiting.
7. He rejoiced in the spoils of victory and blessed the Lord.

If you are not experiencing victory in your “valley” then follow Jehoshaphat’s pattern. And in God’s perfect timing, you too will be rejoicing in the spoils of victory and blessing the Lord!