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She Lost 132 Pounds (Weight Loss Testimony)

Our God is a God of miracles! Janelle Keith lost 132 pounds with God’s help. If weight loss is your goal too, then her weight loss testimony will encourage you that all things are possible with God!

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Janelle Wow_Before MidwayI am living proof what God can do with a willing and obedient heart as I put Him first in my life.

I lost a total 132 pounds in 6 years because God worked a miracle to help me overcome many strongholds which were holding me back.  It hasn’t been easy, but I made some simple changes that have made a HUGE difference over time.

I was wrestling with God about what He wanted of me (so it seemed) and I was totally focused on myself and what I was losing over what I had yet to gain.


Keith, Janelle-AfterMy story is how God rescued me from a life of self-medicating
addiction for approval and man’s opinion, plus led me out of the pit of food and doubt, full of idol worship by way out of a Twinkie box.

It took me years to finally get with the plan.  As I submitted to His ways then He took care of the desires of my heart.

My friend said one time that “God can’t fill what’s already full.” And that is a very accurate description of where I was.  I had filled my life with doubt, sin, lust, and rejection.

God knew how desperate I was, and as I cried out to him every day and night (that sounds dramatic I know), I surrendered to Him my all.  This is a process of different layers and levels.

My weight loss took off when one Sunday my pastor challenged the church to fast for 3 days from something that we thought
too much about.  This message came after the loss of about 30 pounds.

I remember I responded by saying to God, “Surely, you don’t want me to give up food in this fast. I’ve already given up so much.”

Under conviction of the Holy Spirit, the Lord had my full attention and showed me through the next three fasting days (without food, only liquids) that He was asking all of me.

I put my pride, humility, and my love of food, my low self-esteem, shame, blame, guilt on His altar and He has healed me one step at a time since.

I’ll never forget what I “sacrificed” to be whole, AND I’ll never forget how God’s voice made me feel.  Loved, appreciated, and whole.

In response to His calling out of my darkness into His wonderful light, I am now in my fourth year of weight loss maintenance.

It was a miracle in my world that the Lord delivered me out of a very lonely pit WITHOUT diet pills, surgery, and quick fix solutions.  He is the answer to every one of our needs.

And I am a living witness to the fact that God is still a God of miracles and will work in every situation to draw his children to Him.

You can spend your entire life figuring out you are messed up and at the end of the day, you are still broken. Allowing God’s Holy Spirit complete invasion is a great way to live.  Food or the things of this world will disappoint.  We all have choices to make.

I was a prisoner in my own skin.   I had reached a point in my life that it was going to take some drastic changes.  That is exactly what happened, God drastically changed my heart.

My weight and identity have been to war and God won.  God gets all the glory for the WIN!

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Be blessed in health, healing, and wholeness,

Kimberly Taylor
Creator of the ‘Take Back Your Temple’ program


  • carolyn says:

    I love hearing your testimony. I am so focused on food and weight loss instead of The One Who Saved Me. there is a disconnect somewhere for me. when you said you have have given up so much and want to hang on to something- I feel like that is me. I attempt to fast to prove to God He means more to me than the food but I keep failing. Is it because He doesn’t mean more to me? or is it because deep down in my heart I am using that as an excuse to try to diet and lose weight? which means the scales mean more to me than God? I cry out to Him-some. am I not truly repentant? Lord help me. i need to sit quietky before His throne and ask Him what He wants me to do. is my sin blocking the answer? and then I think if HE never changes my thinking towards food I will love Him anyway. is that a cop out? see how messed up so am. pray for me please

    • You asked a lot of important questions. When the Lord becomes central in your life, it’s a re-direct of our wills. At least that is my experience. I thought I had given up food as my master, but it took the removal of my heart’s focus to reveal that I still looked to it as my help and/or savior. That needed a holy re-direct of my mind, heart, and soul. And it was a good correction from the Holy Spirit. I came out of the fast realizing many things but knew I had to make some changes to put my life back on track. Hope this helps in some way. I know the Lord will lead you to what is a barrier now, throw off the distractions, (the scale was another idol I fell too) and re-direct your path. Let me know your thoughts. I’m here for you.

  • Michelle says:

    Oh how I want to love God that much!I have about 25 pounds to lose and i need to get healthy.I know that if I trust Him with all my heart he’ll show me the way..Why do I have so much doubt?I need to get out of this prison of a body.I’m gonna try to do better with my life and ask God to heal me.In about 4 weeks I’ll let y’all know how my relationship with food and the Lord is going.Wish me luck!

    • Michelle, I love your honesty. Yes, let the Lord lead you. He loves you…unfailingly. You are not TOO much for Him. It took me years to get back into His groove but my stubbornness kept me from understanding Him. And be fearless when you go after all that He has for you. We are lead by His FREEDOM and truth. So as you allow the Lord to work IN your life, be faithful to shed the lies that you have swallowed that arise. It’s a battle for sure, but we fight from a place of victory! Be encouraged, you can do it! I would love to hear your progress too, please share!

  • Michelle says:

    And please pray for me!

    • I will pray! Lord, open Michelle’s heart and mind to see you clearly. Bring a strength within her that can recognize the fears and temptations. Give her YOUR strength and power to RISE ABOVE the distractions and the pleasures of this world. Set her MIND on the things above and not below. Remind Michell of Your love for her, your unfailing wonderful love. And we set the obstacles before you Lord, know that each one is not too much for her. We submit to your will, your ways, and your joy and peace. We trust you with everything, and give you glory for loving us like you do. We are victorious by your Holy Spirit. Thank you for being our Source in every need. Amen.

  • Sherrie Price says:

    Wow!! Awesome!!! The light of Jesus shines through your words. Praise God! Thankx for sharing your testimony, it is so encouraging.

    • Thank you too and your feedback is a great encouragement. I share for God’s glory and I appreciate the work He has done in my life. And it’s just SO good to let the testimony out because He is the answer to ALL of our needs. Thank you so much for reading today!

  • Thank you so much for your kind feedback. The Lord is gracious to His children. And we are healed by the power of His blood and the word of our testimony. Thank you for reading today!

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