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Money and weight: Are they related?

One of the insights that I received in my weight loss struggle is that if someone has a severe weight problem, then that is usually not the only area that is out of control. Financial challenges or relationship drama are usually part of the picture.

I was thinking about this because on yesterday, I went to a financial management class that is being held at my church called “Render My Money.” I have previously attended a Crown Ministries course on money management several years ago, which was excellent. However, I think I’m ready to go beyond the basics and learn more about investing, which is what this course promises to teach.

In my story, I mentioned how I had over $19,000 worth of credit card debt when my weight was at its highest. I know that was not a coincidence. Problems that started small soon spun out of control because I refused to face them. Weight and money, the story was the same. I had an “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude. As a result, one error piled on top of another until the problem seemed insurmountable.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my quest to get my finances in shape helped me to lose weight. It started with me asking for help because I realized that I did not have the wisdom to get myself out of the mess I was in. I went to Consumer Credit Counseling (CCCS). The counselor there helped me create a budget and then helped me consolidate my credit card bills in their Debt Management Plan. A certain amount was taken out of my checking account, which CCCS used to distribute to my creditors.

My goal was to pay off the entire $19,000+ in 5 years, but it was accomplished in 3 years, 11 months. God is awesome! During that period, I also decided to go to the Crown class so that I could find out how to wisely handle my money from a biblical perspective and not get in such a fix again.

I won’t lie and say that it was easy because it wasn’t. I could not accumulate more debt and I had to live on cash. I had to renew my mind and cultivate a “do it now” attitude. I had to be a grownup and make myself do the work. I had to encourage myself when my mind wanted to tell me that things were hopeless and to just give up.

And as previously mentioned, I had to humble myself and ask for help. Again, money and weight…same story. It starts with telling yourself the truth and writing that truth down so that you can see it in black and white (or blue and white, depending on the color of the ink). And then, you must take action. All the plans in the world will not change your situation unless you act.

Here’s a little ditty I made up to motivate myself during that time:

Nothing takes the place of action
Not plans
Not promises
Not intentions
Just action.
So move!

Making the necessary adjustments in attitude is the first step to regaining control over weight problems or financial problems. The time to step is now.