Managing Emotions

Mindset Reset for Weight Loss Boot Camp

4 Lessons

About this course

This course will help you discover what is really holding you back from reaching your ideal weight and conquer self-sabotage.

Course Structure

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Introduction: Change your Mind, Change your Body

In this lesson, you are going to get the answers to 3 common questions that sink most people's weight loss efforts.

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Mature Motivation into Commitment

When seeking to change, most people seek after motivation. But motivation is temporary by nature.  Learn to develop commitment, which is the fuel for lasting success.

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Program your Brain for Success, Not Failure

In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify self-defeating beliefs and toxic emotions and face them head-on.

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Make your Brain Chemistry your Ally

In this Lesson, we will discuss what to do every day to maximize your ability to feel good, enjoy your life, and succeed with weight loss.