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Overcome Stress Eating God's Way

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About this course

In this lesson, you are going to discover the never-ending source of peace within you and why peace cannot be found in anything outside of you. You'll learn how to tap into your source of peace so that stress will loosen its hold on you.


Course Structure

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1. Discover Peace Within

Welcome to the course! You are going to learn how to overcome stress eating God's way. Once complete, you'll have a written overcoming stress eating plan and know how you can manage stress better overall.

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2. Assess your Stress

In this lesson, you'll explore what specific situations cause you stress and how you think about them, which determines what you can do about them.

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3. Use Your Circle of Influence

In this lesson, you will find practical strategies that will help you manage stress, plus 4 ways to conquer stress eating at the source.

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4. Expect Tests and Be Prepared

Whenever you decide to do something good, count on being tested! In this lesson, you'll learn about a decision you must make to stay on target, plus get strategies on what to do at the moment of temptation.